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British Half Sovereign Gold Bullion Coin

British Half Sovereign Gold Bullion Coin  

Weight 3.560 Grams
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Product Description

Common Date British King/Queen Half Sovereign 22 Carat Gold Coin.

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The British half Sovereign was first introduced into circulation in 1544 under Henry VIII. However, the design and style that is currently used was introduced in 1817. The half Sovereign was very common in the United Kingdom until 1932, when the country went off of the Gold Standard. Since 1932, the half Sovereign has been issued in limited production.

The half Sovereign features the same design as the Sovereign. The front of the coin features an image of the reigning monarch at the time of issue. The reverse of the coin features an image of King George slaying a dragon.

The Sovereign series is available in quarter Sovereign, half Sovereign, full Sovereign and double Sovereign sizes.

The half Sovereign gold coin is currently issued by the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom. The Royal Mint is also responsible for producing the British Britannia and Queen's Beasts gold coins.

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