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AML Compliance

Suisse Gold (BVI) Limited protects its clients against money laundering and takes AML compliance seriously. The following guidelines are followed for all clients.

Information for all Clients Domiciled Outside of Switzerland 

All clients who purchase in excess of 10,000 Swiss Francs or foreign currency equivalent through Suisse Gold will be required to completed an AML statement and provide proof of identification. 

In order to prevent individuals from using Suisse Gold for illicit purposes, all clients who purchase under 10,000 Swiss Francs may also be asked for a photocopy of their identification and/or a utility bill. This requirement helps protect our clients who use our services legitimately.

Please note that all AML compliance documentation is maintained in accorance with privacy protection laws. does not have any reporting requirements to disclose client data or information to any government bodies or authorities.

Information For Clients Domiciled In Switzerland:

All Swiss customers are required to submit an anti-money laundering (AML) transaction form, a form 'A' beneficial owner form, a notarized copy of their photo ID and proof of residency. This is required for all clients who spend in excess of 25,000 Swiss Francs. Purchases in a company, trust or other legal entity will require proof of the connection between the purchaser and the entity, a notarised copy of the certificate of incorporation for the company, and a certificate of good standing. Individual clients may be regularly requested to provide proof of origin of funds, and to provide additional supporting information. 

If you have further questions regarding this policy, please contact us.
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