Live Metal Prices / oz
Gold: 2206.21 EUR
Silver: 26.86 EUR
Platinum: 884.58 EUR
Palladium: 822.72 EUR
Rhodium: 4548.76 EUR

Bullion Storage

Storage Locations

Offshore Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium bullion storage is available in Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, and the United States. 

Storage Fees

Bullion storage is offered to our clients free of charge for the first year after purchasing precious metals through Suisse Gold. Thereafter, allocated bullion storage is available at the following annual rates (billed monthly): 

Gold / Platinum / Palladium: 0.5%  (0.042% Per Month) of the total market value in storage.

Silver: 2% (0.166% Per Month) of the total market value in storage. 

The storage fees accrue from the 366th day that items are held, at which point storage charges are billed monthly in advance. The minimum monthly storage fees are €25 (or currency equivalent) per storage account / username commencing on the 366th day.

The value of metals stored is calculated per the preceding month's average price as published by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Bullion Allocation

Upon request, clients may receive the serial numbers for goods where applicable for a fee. This fee covers the time of the vault staff and administration costs of removing each item from storage, confirming its serial number and replacing it. 

Storage is invoiced monthly. It is possible to place money on account to cover future storage charges. 

Bullion Sale / Delivery from Storage

Clients may monitor, sell or request shipping of their holdings at any time through the 'My Vault' section of our site when logged into their account.

If a client selects delivery of items in storage, they will receive an invoice via email for the shipping fees. Upon receipt of payment, goods will then be dispatched to the client. Shipping of bullion is available to select countries, and may not be available to all locations. Please note that our standard shipping rates will apply.

If a client elects to sell some or all of their holdings, the funds will be credited to the client's Suisse Gold account in the selected currency within 14 working days. For gold, silver, platinum and palladium that is stored with us, we offer a minimum of 90% of the underlying live market spot price (including vault movement fees). Clients may then elect to leave funds on account for future purchases or may request a wire transfer to a third party bank or financial institution. Wire transfers to a third party bank or financial institution will be made within 14 working days of the date of the request. For security reasons, the maximum amount that may be withdrawn from a Suisse Gold account is 50,000 Swiss Francs or currency equivalent per calendar month.
Bullion Collection From Storage
Bullion collection is available upon request, subject to additional fees. Please note that our bullion collection service is unavailable during the periods highlighted below.
Appointments are available  Monday - Friday during business hours, excluding public holidays. 
Holiday Dates Closed
Christmas / New Year December 15th - January 15th
Easter 1st week preceding and 1st week following Easter Sunday

August 15th - September 15th

If you request any additional services, please check our vault fee schedule.

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