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As established gold dealers we are able to offer low premium gold bullion coins. Suisse Gold offers its clients a range of products, including Buffalos, Eagles, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, Libertads, Pandas, Sovereigns, Philharmonics, Perth Mint Lunar Series, Kangaroos, and others. Clients may purchase gold for delivery or secure vault storage. We also buy gold bullion back from our clients.
Investing in Gold Bullion
Gold has been a popular investment option for centuries - the yellow metal acts as a store of value, and a means of exchange. Furthermore, investment in gold protects your purchasing power over time against fiat currencies, which lose value due to inflation that is caused by the excess printing of money.
Gold can also act as a hedge against financial loss in a recession or during times of economic uncertainty. The metal has an inverse relationship to the price of stocks and bonds. Thus, when markets go down, the price of gold tends to appreciate. This is the reason that many financial advisors will suggest holding 10-20% of your portfolio value in precious metals, including gold. The appreciation in gold during a recession will help mitigate losses in stock holdings during the same period. 
Buying gold coins vs gold bars
There are several fundamental differences between investing in gold bars and gold coins that are worth considering. Gold coins are available mostly in 1 ounce or fractional ounce denominations. Thous some gold coins are available in larger sizes, these are generally rare, and primarily for numismatic collectors. Gold coins are available individually, in tubes of 10 or 20 pieces, and in monster boxes. 
All gold coins are minted by official government mints, and most have a legal tender value issued by the government responsible for minting the coin. For example, each 1 Ounce gold Philharmonic coin has a face value of 100 Euros. Buying gold coins that are backed by government mints gives some investors added confidence in the quality of the product they are purchasing. 
Gold coins sell at around the same premium as a 1 ounce gold bar, however, many investors prefer the design of the coins, which are made to a much higher standard, than gold bars in terms of their artistic presentation. 
Finally, many gold coins have tax advantages - All gold bullion coins are VAT-exempt in Europe. Other gold coins have advantages in local markets. For example, gold Sovereigns and gold Britannia coins may be purchased and sold without any Capital Gains Tax payable. 

Government Issued Gold Coins

American Gold Coins

The United States issues two highly popular gold coins - the American Buffalo gold coin and the American Eagle gold coin. The American Eagle coin was the first gold coin to be issued by the US Mint, and all gold coinage issued by the US mint is minted using gold bullion mined in the United States. The Eagle coin series is also available in platinum, palladium and silver. Gold Eagles are available in sizes ranging from 1/10 oz to 1 oz. 

The American Buffalo gold coin was released in 2006, and is only available in 1 size (1-ounce gold Buffalo). This coin, however, is 9999 fine, and is the purest gold coin currently issued by the United States Mint.

The design of both coins remains constant and is not changed annually.

Perth Mint Gold Coins

The Perth Mint in Australia release a number of gold coins which are popular with investors - the two most popular are the Kangaroo gold coin and the Lunar series gold coin. The gold Kangaroo coin was originally released as a gold nugget, but was updated after several years to feature a Kangaroo, whose image is updated annually on the front of the coin.

The Perth Mint lunar series coin feature an image of an animal from the Chinese calendar and are also updated annually. Unlike most gold coins available, the Perth Mint issues the Kangaroo series in a large range of sizes, from 1/10 Ounce up to 1 Kilogram.  

Perth Mint gold coins are popular with numismatic collectors because their images are updated annually.

Austrian Mint Gold Coins

The Austrian Mint is the only European Mint to issue gold coins in Euro denominations. The Austrian Philharmonic gold coin was first issued in 1990 in Schilling deonominations, but this was updated to Euros in 2000, when Austria adopted the Euro as its currency. The Philharmonic series was an instant success with European investors and the coin series was later made available in silver and in platinum. 

British Gold Coins

The Royal Mint in the United Kingdom issues two highly popular gold coins - the gold Sovereign and the gold Britannia coin. The gold Sovereign coin has been issued for more than 150 years. During the time of the British Empire this coin was minted in Royal Mint locations outside the UK, including in India, Canada and Australia. It has a rich history in its use for facilitating trade, as it was recognised and accepted worldwide due to its gold content. Today the gold Sovereign is manufactured in the same design, and each coin contains 7.3 grams of gold.

The gold Britannia coin series was released in the early 1990s by the Royal Mint, and it is the first series to be introduced in ounce denominations. The Britannia series is also available in silver and in platinum. Gold Britannia coin are exempt from Capital Gains Tax for UK residents, which makes them a very popular option. Furthermore, all gold Britannia coins are 9999 fine, making them one of the purest gold coins available. 

Royal Canadian Mint Godl Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint produce one of the most popular gold coins available on the market- the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin was originally launched in 1979, and quickly became the most popular gold bullion coin available by the early 1980s. This series is available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. All gold Maples released after 1980 are 9999 fine. 

Rand Refinery Gold Coins

The Rand Refinery in South Africa was the government refinery to issue a gold bullion coin, launching the 1 Ounce gold Krugerrand in the early 1970s. This coin was the most popular coin available in the late 1970s, selling more than 3,000,000 coins in 1979 until Apartheid slowed sale. The Krugerrand has a slighly reddish tinge compared to other gold coins - this is because it is mixed with some copper to make the coin more durable. However, the coin's gold content is still 1 troy ounce. The Krugerrand is currently available in gold, silver and platinum. The coins design features an image of Paul Kruger on one side, and a springbok on the other.

European Gold Coins stock a number of gold coins manufactured by European Mints that are no longer being produced. These include the Swiss Vreneli, the French Rooster and the French Napoleon. These coin all contain 5.8 grams of gold, and were produced from around 1850 - 1950. These coins are popular with European investors, and particularly with investors looking to purchase their gold bullion monthly over a long period of time. 

LBMA Approved Gold Coins

For clients looking to buy gold coins at low premiums, sell LBMA gold coins as brand of our choice. These coins sell for the lowest price above the precious metal spot price, and are supplied according to current stock availability. All coins supplied are guaranteed to be by official government refineries, including Maple Leafs, Eagles, Krugerrands and Sovereigns.

Store Gold Coins in Switzerland

For clients looking for secure vault storage for their gold coins, offers Zurich based bullion storage. All gold coins placed into vault storage may be sold back to at any time at favorable rates. Clients may also arrange bullion collection or arrange to have their bullion delivered to them at any time. accepts 15 different currencies.

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