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Buy low premium platinum bullion coins, including Platinum American Eagles, Platinum Canadian Maple Leafs and Platinum Australian Platypus coins. Platinum coins are available in 1 Ounce size only, but wholesale tubes of 20 coins are also available. Platinum is a very popular metal amongst those looking to invest in precious metals. Coins are available for delivery or secure vault storage.

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a precious metals, and a member of the Platinum Group Metals, or PGMs. It is a similar colour to silver, but far more vaulable and scarce. More than 90% of the world's platinum supply originates primarily in South Africa and in Russia, with very limited quantities mined in other countries such as the United States and Canada. Platinum is almost always found with palladium, also a PGMs. 

Platinum has a number of technological uses - it's most commonly used to make catalytic converters in luxury cars. Platinum is also used to make fire resistant electrical wires, and medical instruments. 

Due to the metal's scarcity and similarity to silver (in terms of appearance), it has also become a popular investment option for individuals looking to invest in physical metals. Platinum bars and coins were introduced into the precious metals market in the late 1990's. In 2017 that there was a large increase in the supply of coins from major mints, including the Royal Mint, the Rand Refinery and the Perth Mint. Platinum coins, over time, have become a well represented part of a precious metals portfolio. 

One interesting fact to consider when building a portfolio is that the platinum price does not correlate completely to the price of gold. Both do react inversely to the SNP and the stock market, however the platinum price will frequently fluctuate to do changes in demand from the automotive industry, and from economic and political changes in South Africa, and to a lesser extent, Russia. 

Today, most major government mints issue a platinum coin. 

Government Issued Platinum Coins

American Eagle Platinum Coins

The United States Mint first introduce the American Eagle coin in 1997, in four denomination - 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1 oz. However, the three fractional denominations were discontinued in 2008, and today the coin is only available in 1 Ounce. All 1 Oz platinum Eagles have a face value of $100 USD.

Unlike the gold and silver Eagle, the design of the platinum Eagle changes annually, with different American themes introduced periodically. From 2006 until 2008, the Eagle featured the 'Foundations of Democracy', which depicted the three major branches of the US Government - executive, legislative and judicial. From 2018 until 2020, the platinum Eagle series feature points from the Declaration of Independence, namely "Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness". The front of each coin features an image of an American Bald Eagle in flight, and say "United States of America", with the coin's weight, and face value. 

The American Eagle is the only coin issued by the United States Mint available in platinum. 

Britannia Platinum Coins

The Royal Mint first released the platinum Britannia coin in 2018, in response to increased investor demand in the metal. The design of the platinum Britannia is the same as that of the gold and silver Britannia coins. Each platinum Britannia has a face value of £100 GBP. The Britannia is also available in 1/10 Oz size, with a face value of £10 GBP. The coin features an image of Lady Britannia walking across the water, with a trident in one hand and a shield and olive branch in the other. These coins are available individually or wholesale. One benefit to investing in British platinum coins is that, for UK residents, the coins carry no Capital Gains Tax. 

This is not the only platinum coin issued by the Royal Mint - the recently issued 'Queen's Beasts' series is also available in platinum. The Queen's Beases series features ten different images of the statues that were present at the Queen's coronation - the first coin released was the Lion of England. The platinum Queen's Beasts series was launched in 2018. 

The Pobjoy Mint in the United Kingdom also minted the platinum Noble coin, which was available from 1983 until 1989. This coin is unique in that it has no government backed legal tender value - instead, its value is the equivalent of its platinum content. 

Philharmonic Platinum Coins

The platinum Philharmonic coin was first introduced by the Austrian Mint in 2018. The coin is the third in the Philharmonic series. The first Phillharmonic coin was introduced in 1989 in gold. The coin grew in popularity, particularly in Europe. In 2000, the denomination of the Philharmonic was updated from Schillings to Euros. In 2008 the Austrian Mint introduced the silver Philharmonic coin. 

The platinum Philharmonic has a face value of €100, and is available individually, in tubes of 10 coins or in monster boxes of 100 coins. All coins are guaranteed by the Austrian Mint and the Austrian government. 

Perth Mint Platinum Coins

The Perth Mint is one of the few mints worldwide to issue more than one platinum coin - the mint currently issues both the Platypus and the Kangaroo coins. 

The platinum Platypus coin was first country to issue a platinum coin that is still in production today. This coin was first issued by the government of Australia in 1987. All coins issued by the Perth Mint feature an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front. The reverse of the coin features an image of an Australian Platypus swimming. The design of these coins remains the same each year.  Each coin has a face value of $100 AUD. 

The platinum Kangaroo coin was only recently introduced in 2018, in order to meet demand for the ever popular Kangaroo coin series, which was first introduced by the Perth Mint in 1990. Each coin features an image of a Kangaroo. These coins come in capsules from the mint, and are available individually or in tubes of twenty pieces. 

The Perth Mint has also introduced a number of other platinum coins which are not currently being manufactured. These include the platinum Koala and the platinum Emu coins. 

Platinum Maple Leaf

The Maple Leaf platinum coin is issued by the Royal Canadian government and is by far the most popular platinum coin available on the market today. Coins are sold in tubes of 10 pieces, and monster boxes of 100 coins are also available. All platinum Maple Leaf coins have a face value of $50 CAD, and feature an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, with an image of a Canadian Maple Leaf on the reverse. 

The Maple Leaf series is available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The platinum coin is currently only available in one size - the 1 ounce coin. This is currently the only platinum coin available from the Canadian government. 

Investing in Platinum

Platinum is worth investing in if you are building or diversifying your portfolio. Because the price of the metal tends to negatively correlate to the SNP, it will help hedge against losses in a recession. Furthermore, the price of platinum's sensitivity to the automotive industry also means that it will move independent of gold. Because platinum is significantly rarer than gold or silver, it does sell at a slightly higher margin. However, this should not discourage investment, particularly for investors looking at long-term holdings. 

Storing Platinum Coins VAT-free

Clients may take advantage of our precious metals storage facility in Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich bullion storage is secure and clients may request delivery, collect their holdings, or sell them back at favourable rates at any time. Clients may purchase platinum coins using cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, and any of 15 different currencies, including EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, SEK, DKK and HKD.

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