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Suisse Gold offers competitively priced silver bullion coins and rounds including American Eagles, Austrian Philharmonics, Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Pandas, Mexican Libetads, Suisse Gold Pandas, Suisse Gold Tigers, Suisse Gold Dragons, Australian Kookaburras, Koalas, Lunar Series and others. Customers may take physical delivery. We also offer secure allocated bullion vault storage for clients wishing to maintain physical metals offshore.
Why Buy Silver Coins? 
For investors new to silver bullion, this is a common question. Are silver coins a good investment? Will silver coins gain value over time? How does investing in silver compare to the stock marker? Why should I buy silver coins?
The first thing to consider is that silver is a physical investment and a product that negatively correlates to the the stock market. What this means is that normally the price of silver will go up with the stock market goes down, and vice versa. For clients looking to buy precious metals, this is very important. Precious metals hedge your portfolio against market recessions, depressions, and collapses. 
Precious metals and silver coins also act as a store of value and a hedge against inflation. The price of a silver coin is based upon the world silver market price, not on its legal tender value. Both silver and gold tend to maintain their purchasing power over time. What does this mean? You could purchase the same basket of goods with one silver coin 100 years ago that you can today. This is not the case with fiat currency - constant government printing of money and inflation devaule paper currency over time. The value of $100 USD today is much less than what it was 50 years ago. 
Finally, silver can act as a means of exchange. Its value is transparent, and it is freely traded and recognised worldwide. In times of extreme economic recession or inflation, Silver coins can be traded for food or services. Their purchasing power remains. 
The Difference Between Silver Coins and Rounds
Silver coins and rounds are different - silver coins are manufactured by official government mints, and have a legal tender value which is backed by a government. For example, American Eagles are manufactured by the United States Mint, and Canadian Maple Leaves are manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint. 
Silver rounds however, are manufactured by private mints and do not have a legal tender value. The most common example is the silver Buffalo round. Although both are traded based on the silver spot price, silver coins have the backing of major governments, and are therefore more recognised worldwide, and easier to sell at a later date. 

Government Issued Silver Coins

American Silver Eagles
The United States silver Eagle coin is one of the most popular silver bullion world wide, and particularly in North America and in Asia. The coin has a face value of $1 USD, and was first released in 1986. In fact, the silver Eagle was one of the first silver bullion coins issued by any government mint to target the growing precious metals investing market. The coins have always had the same design, and are only avaialble in a one-ounce denomination. Silver Eagles are available individually or in Monster Boxes of 500 coins. All coins contain 99.9 fine silver bullion. 
Silver American Eagles are manufactured by the United States Mint, which is also responsible for minting all legal tender coins for the United States government. 
Canadian Silver Maple Leafs
The silver Maple Leaf is perhaps the most popular silver coin worldwide. The coin is issued by the Royal Canadian Mint, located in Ottawa, Canada. The coin was first launched in 1988, shortly after the success of the US silver Eagle. It was launched in a one-ounce denomination. However, in 2017 the Canadian Mint also launched the 10-ounce Magnificent Maple silver coin.
The design of the silver Maple Leaf coin has remained consistent since its launch. The front of each coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II, and the reverse features an image of a Canadian Maple Leaf. However, the Royal Canadian Mint has launched a number of special edition series of Maples with different designs. Such coins include the silver Birds of Prey series, the silver Canadian Wildlife Series, and the Canadian Arctic Series. The Canadian Maple Leaf series is availble in gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
Austrian Silver Philharmonics
The Austrian Mint launched the silver Philharmonic coin in 2008. Though a latecomer to the silver coin market, the silver Philharmonic is actually the only silver coin to be issued in Euro denominations by an EU member state. The coin therefore, has a huge following in Europe. The design of the silver Philharmonic coin is modeled after the gold Philharmonic coin. Each coin features an image of the Vienna Philharmonic on the front, and a number of instruments from the philharmonic on the reverse. Coins are available in tubes of 20 and in Monster Boxes of 500 pieces. 
The Austrian Mint sells the Philharmonic series in gold, silver and platinum. 
British Silver Britannias
British Britannias are very popular both worldwide and with UK residents. These coins offer particularly strong tax advantages for UK residents, as no capital gains tax is payable. Silver Britannias were first launched by the Royal Mint in 1997, and each coin has a face value of £2 GBP. Unlike most other silver coins, the silver Britannia series is also available in fractional sizes, including 1/2 Oz, 1/4 Oz and 1/10 Oz sizes. The British Britannia coin is not the only silver coin series to be produced by the Royal Mint- in 2017 the Queen's Beasts series was launched. This is a 10-coin series set to be released over a 5-year period. 
South African Silver Krugerrands
The Rand Refinery was the first government refinery to issue gold coins targeting world retail physical gold investors - and they launched with the gold Krugerrand in the 1970s. This was done in part as a way for the country to sell some of the gold it was mining. However, it wasn't until 2017 that the government of South Africa decided to launch a Krugerrand coin in silver. 
The silver Krugerrand was designed to compete with the silver Maple Leaf series - the coin is priced very competitively, targeting monster box investors. Each coin features an image of a Springbok on one side, and Paul Kruger on the other. Unlike almost all other silver coins, the Krugerrand does not have a face value. Instead, its value is calculated based on its silver content and the current silver price. 
Perth Mint Silver Kookaburras, Koalas and Kangarooos
The Perth Mint issue a range of silver bullion coins annually - the most popular three are the silver Koala, silver Kookaburra and silver Kangaroo coins. All Australian silver coins feature an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, and have a legal tender value of $1 AUD for a 1 Ounce silver coin. 
Unlike most silver coins, the design of the silver Koala and silver Kookaburra coin is updated annually. This makes the coins slightly more expensive, but also increases their numismatic value, as there are fewer available. 
Buying Silver Coins for Vault Storage 
Clients can benefit from the option of storing their silver purchases in Switzerland. In addition to the added security of Swiss vault storage, clients may arrange purchase of their metals VAT-exempt. When goods have been stored in secure Swiss vault storage, clients may then select to sell their holdings, collect them, or have them delivered at any time. Clients may purchase silver coins using any of 15 currencies, including Bitcoin.
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