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Gold: 2206.21 EUR
Silver: 26.86 EUR
Platinum: 884.58 EUR
Palladium: 822.72 EUR
Rhodium: 4548.76 EUR

Market News

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Russia Plans to Regulate Digital Currency
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What Can We Learn from Turkey’s Inflation Crisis?
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Prices of Platinum to Increase due to Automobile Sector Demand
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Weekly Metals Update, September 22, 2021
Will Basel 3 Boost Gold Prices?
US Housing Market Boosts Bullion Prices
Weekly Metals Update, May 28, 2021
How is Solar Energy Expected to Impact Silver markets?
Is Platinum Undervalued?
How Will Biden's $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package Affect Precious Metals?
Platinum Demand is Now Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels
Palladium Reaches Another All-Time High
Weekly Metals Update, April 9, 2021
Norilsk Floods Cause an Increase in the Palladium Price
How Would Inflation Affect the EU and Europe?
Will Covid-19 Cause Hyperinflation
Russia Backs Gold over US Dollars
ECB Pays European Banks 1% to Give Them €174 Billion
The Inflation Crux is Coming
Will We See More Governments Purchasing Gold?
Bullion Market Trends Following the Covid-19 Outbreak
Another $25 Trillion in Central Bank Printing May Benefit Gold Investors
Eurozone Growth Stalled by French and Italian Declining GDPs
How Will the EU Handle Italy's Debt?
Why is the Palladium Price Soaring?
The Petrodollar Makes Gold Look Exceptionally Attractive
Russia to Reroute its SWF Assets into Gold
Poland Successfully Repatriates 100 Tons of Gold
Deutsche Bank begins selling its 'Bad Bank' portfolio to Goldman Sachs
Germany’s Banks Downgraded Due to Risk Concerns.
Is China Entering a Recession?
Could The Yellow Vest (Gilets Jaunes) Movement Lead To A Frexit?
The Problem with Global Debt
Germany May Introduce a Shadow Budget
Is a New Era of Central Bank Foolery Upon Us?
Could the Silver Market Be Cornered Again?
The ECB Will Print More Money
There Is No Way For Italy to Manage its Debt
Who Doesn't Love a Currency War?
Germany's Entirely Negative Yield Curve Should Be Good for Gold
Russia Is Holding More Gold Than Ever To De-Dollarize Its Reserves
The Price of Gold in Oil
Why is Gold Valued More in Some Parts of the World Over Others?
Russia’s Massive Gold Accumulation
The Decade of Gold and Palladium
Italy Considers Launching New Currency to Counter Excessive Debt
The End of The Current Globalization Period
US China Trade Wars Benefit Gold Holders
The European Central Bank Is Facing These Three Major Problems
Europe's Financial Crisis – Can They Pull Through?
The Looming Sovereign Debt Crisis
Debt's Negative Yields Paint an Ominous Picture
Could Brexit Actually Boost the Pound
Italy's Failing Economy
Italy's Big Debt Problem
Moving Away from the US Dollar
How will Gold React to a Looming Recession?
Gold Popularity Across the Globe
Italian Debt Levels
The Year of Palladium
The World Economic Forum and the Gold Price
Brexit or Gold? Looking at Global Interest
Hungary Increases Its Gold Reserves
What Countries Produce the Most Gold Per Annum?
Which Central Banks Hold the Most Gold Reserves?
Which Central Banks are Increasing Gold Holdings?
The War on Physical Money
Palladium Remains Strong
Democracy and Gold
Precious Metals Investment Opportunity - Palladium & Rhodium
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