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Suisse Gold offers competitively priced silver bullion bars including Credit Suisse, Heraeus, Johnson Matthey, PAMP, Suisse Gold, UBS, Valcambi and others. Customers may take physical delivery. We also offer secure allocated bullion vault storage for clients wishing to maintain physical metals offshore.
Why Invest in Silver Bars?
Silver has always acted as a store of value and medium of exchange. Until the last century, many countries worldwide, including those in South America, the United States, Europe and Asia have used silver coins (or coins that contain some silver) as part of their fiat currency. Unlike paper money, silver maintains an intrinsic value because there is a finite amount of it. It cannot just be created in the way that paper money can.  Silver is one of the most popular precious metals for investors and collectors alike. Physical silver bullion can be purchased in the form of bars or coins, and may be purchased in smaller deonominations of around 1 ounce, up to 1000 ounce bars. 
Silver is mined across the world. The metal also has many uses outside of investment which impact its price - these include jewelry and electronics. Silver prices are also influenced by speculation. For example, if people begin to fear a recession or inflation, many will begin to buy silver bullion and as a result the price will increase. 
The Difference Between Silver Bars and Silver Coins
One frequent question silver investors ask is whether to invest in silver bars or silver coins. One major difference between the two is that silver coins are primarily available in 1 Ounce size, whereas bars are available in a much larger range of sizes - from 1 gram up to 1000 ounces. 
Silver bars, particularly larger sized bars, are also much less costly to manufacture than silver coins, and these cost savings are passed onto the client - silver bars have a lower premium over the spot metal price than silver coins. 

Silver Bar Manufacturers

Argor Heraeus

Argor Heraeus is a manufacturer of many known brands in the precious metals industry. These include their own range of Argor Heraeus bars, and UBS silver bars, which are manufactured on behalf of the bank. Argor Heraeus silver bars have a following in Europe. All bars are 999 fine, and come with their own serial number. UBS manufactured bars have a similar design, but have the UBS logo at the top of the bar instead of the Argor Heraeus logo. Argor Heraeus is located in the Italian part of Switzerland

Royal Mint

The Royal Mint is most famous for its coins - particularly the Sovereign and the Britannia. However, they have recently released a range of gold and silver Britannia bars, which are very popular with investors. They are one of the few silver bars that have an artistic design on the front, and this makes the bars coveted not only for their silver content. These bars have a purity of 9999, making them the purest silver bars currently available on the market. Bars are currently available in 10 ounce and 100 ounce sizes only. 


Asahi recently purchased Johnson Matthey's refining business, and have taken over their silver refinery located in Utah. Asahi silver bars are available in sizes ranging from 1 Ounce to 100 Ounces. All bars come with their own serial number. These bars are popular with investors in America and in Asia, particularly Japan. 


Valcambi, located in Ticino Switzerland, is one of the most prominent Swiss refineries. They produce their own range of bullion bars, and their 1 KG silver bars are the most popular silver bars available in Europe. Valcambi also manufacture silver bars for Credit Suisse. However, these are no longer manufactured, and as a result only vintage bars are available. Valcambi also manufacture the silver combibar, a silver bar designed to fit into your wallet and be broken into pieces to be used in place of currency in the event of hyperinflation or economic collapse. 


PAMP produce the most varied range of silver bars available on the market today - these include the PAMP silver cast bar series, the silver Fortuna bar series, the silver Faith series and the silver Lunar series. The PAMP Fortuna series is the most popular range available, and these bars are available in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. All PAMP silver bars come with their own serial number. The PAMP Lunar and Faith series bars are only available in three sizes - 10 gram, 1 ounce and 100 gram silver bars. These bars tend to be purchased more by collectors than investors, as they are only available in smaller sizes. 

Royal Canadian Mint
The Royal Canadian Mint has for a long time produced one of the most popular investment silver bars - the 100 ounce silver bar. Recently, the mint also launched a silver Maple Leaf bar available in 10 ounce size. This smaller bar contains 9999 fine investment grade silver bullion. The RCM's silver bar series compliments their hugely popular line of Maple Leaf coins, which are available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Silver RCM bars are available for VAT-exempt storage.
LBMA Approved Silver Bars
For clients looking to purchase silver bars based on the premium and not on the design or manufacturer, LBMA approved silver bars may be the best option. These bars are based on SuisseGold's current availablility, however all bars are guaranteed to be from LBMA approved manufacturers, thereby guarnteeing their quality. These bars are sold at a lower premium because they are based on current inventory. Bars may be stored VAT-exempt in Zurich.
Storing Silver Bars in Swiss Vaults
For client's of, we offer bullion storage located in Zurich. Storage accounts are offered complimentary for the first year. Once goods are placed into storage clients may manage their accounts, and select to sell their goods back to at favorable rates, arrange collection or delivery at any time. Bullion may be purchased in any of 15 currencies including cryptocurrencies. 
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