1 Ounce Silver Bullion Coin

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33.56 EUR

Weight 31.105 Grams / 1.000 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Circulated
Packaging Plastic Slip


1 Ounce Silver Coins - 999+ fine.

Investment grade silver bullion.

What is a Silver Coin?

A silver coin is a piece of investment grade silver bullion that has been backed by an official government and has a legal tender value. The most common size available is the 1 ounce silver coin, although other sizes are also available. Many brands only issue a silver coin in the 1 ounce size. All silver coins have a minimum purity of 999. The legal tender value on them is nominal, and is far less than that coin’s value in silver. However, it gives some investors reassurance to know that these coins have been guaranteed by the issuing government.

Some silver coins come with investing advantages over silver rounds or bars. For example, some jurisdictions will not charge VAT on currency, and therefore silver coins may be VAT exempt. Depending on your country of residency and the coins you purchase, silver coins may also be capital gains tax exempt.

Examples of coins that may be supplied with your order include the following:

  • Silver Britannias
  • Silver Eagles
  • Silver Koalas
  • Silver Kookaburras
  • Silver Krugerrands
  • Silver Libertads
  • Silver Maples
  • Silver Pandas
  • Silver Philharmonics
  • or others.

These coins are in circulated condition.

Why Should I Invest in Silver?

Silver is a great way to invest in or diversify any investment portfolio. The barrier to entry is quite low, and investing in silver is much more affordable than gold. Furthermore, silver tends to appreciate during periods of economic uncertainty. This means that if an investor holds some stocks and some silver, for example, if the stock market goes down then very often silver will appreciate, protecting the overall portfolio against some losses. Silver also tends to appreciate during periods of inflation when fiat currencies depreciate.

Finally, there are a number of growing industries that are reliant on silver. Medical technology, computing, and green energy technologies are all reliant on silver. All are industries that continue to grow. The continued growth of these technologies and sectors will continue to spur demand for the white metal. An increase in demand almost always follows with a price increase. For this reason, many investors believe that silver is currently undervalued.

What are brand of our choice silver coins?

Brand of our choice silver coins are a perfect option for investors who wish to buy silver coins but do not mind which brand they receive. The brand supplied depends on our current inventory. This is the lowest premium silver coin available. This product is designed for precious metals investors looking to buy low premium silver coins based on the price, and not based on the brand. This allows SuisseGold.com to offer the coin at a lower premium.

Please note that silver coins do not come with serial numbers - coins will be supplied either in plastic slips or in tubes, depending upon the quantity ordered.

Please click here to view the silver coin price on our silver spot price chart.

To sell silver coins to SuisseGold.com please contact us directly.

Price includes free insured storage in our vault for up to one year from purchase date.

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