Live Metal Prices / oz
Gold: 2206.21 EUR
Silver: 26.86 EUR
Platinum: 884.58 EUR
Palladium: 822.72 EUR
Rhodium: 4548.76 EUR

Buy Gold With Ripple is now accepting payment for gold and silver purchases in the crypto currency XRP.  Clients may purchase any gold, silver, platinum, palladium or rhodium bars or coins using cryptocurrencies, including those traded with Ripple. Furthermore, all product pricing on is available in XRP in live time.

How to Buy Gold and Silver using Ripple

Placing an order for precious metals on using XRP is easy and quick. In order to do this, please log into your account. If you do not yet have an account, you may select instead to open an account. Once you have logged in, please select XRP from the dropdown list of available currencies. This will default all of the products available into XRP pricing.

Once pricing is in XRP you may select the items you wish to purchase, and place them in your shopping cart. During checkout you will be asked to select if you would like to keep your products in secure Swiss vault storage, or if you would prefer delivery. You will also be asked to select your payment method. Please select Ripple, or ‘Pay using Altcoins’. Then confirm your order.

Once you have confirmed your order your will find all the necessary payment details available when you click on the Ripple icon. Please arrange your payment. Payment via XRP is processed quickly, and should only take a few minutes. Once your payment has been processed you will be notified and your order will be processed for you.

Why use Ripple's XRP Cryptocurrency to buy Precious Metals

There are a number of benefits to using XRP to purchase precious metals. It is one of the most established and renowned altcoins on the market today, and its integrated and immediate payment system is used not just by crypto currency enthusiasts but also by a number of large banks. Its backing by large financial institutions allows the currency to potentially be more scalable than other altcoins. The currency is also well capitalized.

Payments are seamless and immediate. Once a client has initiated payment in XRP, it only takes a few moments to complete.

Payments also do not undergo any foreign exchange fees, nor do they have any processing fees. This can mean huge savings to clients. Payments via paypal or via credit or debit card can often have large associated fees – up to 5-6% even. For a client purchasing a potentially large order of gold and silver bullion, this is a huge premium to pay over your order value.  

Although there are many benefits to buying gold and silver bars and coins using XRP, clients should also keep in mind that the currency is fairly new, and therefore subject to large waves of volatility in its pricing. This is especially true during times of uncertainty.

Clients of can use the cryptocurrency to purchase precious metals, including low premium gold and silver bars and coins, for secure Swiss vault storage or for delivery. Orders place for Swiss vault storage can be sold back or collected at any time. All products on are available to clients placing orders in XRP.

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