Account Access

Welcome to the Suisse Gold Affiliate Area.

To apply to become a Suisse Gold affiliate, please fill our the below form. We will respond to your application within two business days.

Please note that in order to maintain the integrity of our brand, all Suisse Gold partner applications are subject to our approval.

Suisse Gold offers the most generous referral commissions in the bullion affiliate industry.

Referred Sales Commissions:

Gold Bullion Bars: 1%
Gold Bullion Coins: 1%
Silver Bullion Bars: 2%
Silver Bullion Coins & Rounds: 2%
Suisse Gold Silver Products: 3%
Platinum Bullion Bars: 1%
Platinum Bullion Coins: 1%
Palladium Bullion Bars: 1%
Palladium Bullion Coins: 1%

(The above percentages are of the total sale value. For example, if a referred client purchases 10,000 Swiss Francs worth of Suisse Gold Silver Bullion, the affiliate will be paid 300 Swiss Francs).

Each affiliate is issued with a unique identifier that enables us to track the origin of referred sales. The commissions listed above are perpetual. Once a client has been referred to us, the affiliate will continue to earn commissions for as long as the referred client continues to place orders.

Banner Advertising / Affiliate PPC (Pay Per Click)

Subject to approval, Suisse Gold can offer payment per click for one of our advertising banners to be placed on your website or blog. Please contact us with details of where you are interested in placing the banner and we shall email you an offer for the space.

All referrals are track-able through the Suisse Gold affiliate portal. Access is issued to the affiliates upon acceptance into the program.

Commission Payments

We can remit earnings to affiliates on a weekly or monthly basis directly via bank transfer to bank accounts in most countries. We are also able to settle afiiliate commissions in physical bullion.

Please contact us if you have a marketing strategy or would like to discuss marketing our products.