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50 Gram Valcambi Suisse Palladium Combi Bar 999.5 Fine

50 Gram Valcambi Suisse Palladium Combi Bar 999.5 Fine 

Weight 50.000 Grams
We Sell: 1974.26 USD


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Product Description

Brand new 50 Gram Palladium Combi Bar 999.5 Fine Valcambi Suisse bar.

The combi bar is a new concept to the precious metals industry. Each Valcambi Platinum combi bar features 50 individual 1 gram gold bars, which can be broken off into smaller pieces. The bar was designed to fit into a wallet.

The combi bar was released in 2010, when the European global banking sectors appeared unstable and the future of the Euro was uncertain to investors. At this time, more and more investors requested smaller denomination bars and coins, as they can be traded more easily. The bar was designed for this.

Valcambi also sells a 1 Ounce Platinum bar. The Combi bar is available from Valcambi in gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Valcambi is one of four prominent Swiss precious metals refineries. In addition to marketing its own brand of precious metals, Valcambi also produce gold and silver bars and coins for Credit Suisse.

Price includes free insured storage in our vault for up to one year from purchase date.