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Buy Austrian Mint precious metals in gold, silver and platinum. The Austrian Mint is celebrated for its exquisite craftsmanship and history, offering a range of products that are both culturally significant and financially sound investments. The crown jewel of their collection is the Philharmonic series, available in gold, silver, and platinum, alongside their renowned gold bars and exclusive Kinebar gold bars.

The Philharmonic Range

The Philharmonic series is a tribute to the renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, echoing the cultural richness of Austria. These coins are available in gold, silver, and platinum, catering to a diverse array of investors and collectors.

Gold Philharmonics

Gold Philharmonics are known for their elegance and purity, made from .9999 fine gold. These coins are sought after by investors worldwide, making phrases like 'buy gold Philharmonics' synonymous with wise gold investment. They are available in various sizes, including the popular '1 ounce Gold Philharmonic', offering flexibility and choice to investors.

Silver Philharmonics

Silver Philharmonics are crafted with .999 fine silver, reflecting the same level of craftsmanship as their gold counterparts. The '1 ounce Silver Philharmonic' is particularly popular among investors, combining affordability with the promise of value appreciation. When you buy silver Philharmonic coins, you may select to purchase coins individually, in tubes of 20 coins, and in boxes of 500 coins. Philharmonic silver coins are particularly popular with clients living in Europe. 

Platinum Philharmonics

Platinum Philharmonics, made from .9995 fine platinum, were only released in 2016, but they have quickly gained popularity. The coin is available in 1 ounce size. The 1 Ounce Platinum Philharmonic was introduced to the market at a time when investing in platinum and palladium was increasing in popularity.

Austrian Mint Gold Bars

In addition to coins, the Austrian Mint also produces high-quality gold bars. These bars are known for their purity and exceptional quality, making them a secure investment choice. These bars are normally purchased in smaller sizes, up to 100 grams.

Austrian Mint Kinebar Gold Bars

Kinebar Gold Bars are a special range from the Austrian Mint, featuring a unique, holographic security element. This not only adds an extra layer of security but also enhances the visual appeal of the bars. The Kinebar series released by the Austrian Mint feature a hologram of a Leipzeiger Horse on them. The Kinebar range is only available on smaller sized bars, however they still remain a very popular option due to their unique design.

The Austrian Mint Precious Metals collection offers something for every investor and collector. Whether it’s the culturally rich Philharmonic coins in gold, silver, or platinum, the reliable gold bars, or the innovative Kinebar gold bars, each product represents a blend of tradition and investment opportunity. 

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