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Buy precious metals from the Chinese Mint, including the very popular Chinese Panda coin series in gold, silver and platinum. sells the complete range of Chinese Panda coins, including the newer 30 gram and smaller sized Panda coins, as well as the collectible 1 ounce and fractional ounce coins. The Chinese Mint is renowned for its intricate designs which are updated annually, making the Chinese Panda series popular with numismatic coin collectors. 

Chinese Panda Gold Coins

The Gold Panda coins are the stars of the Chinese Mint. Each year, these coins feature a new and unique design of the beloved panda, making them highly collectible. Crafted from .999 fine gold, they come in various sizes, including 30 gram, 15 gram, 8 gram, 3 gram and 1 gram gold coins. For those looking to invest in precious metals buying Gold Panda coins can be an intelligent choice due to the potential for appreciation.

Chinese Panda Silver Coins

Silver Panda coins are another highlight of the Chinese Mint. Like their gold counterparts, these coins feature annually changing panda designs, making each year's release a sought-after item for collectors. Struck in .999 fine silver, these coins are available in a 30 gram size only. Today, the China Mint only manufactures a 30 gram silver Panda coin, however, until 2016 these coins were available as a 1 ounce silver Panda coin. Investing in Silver Panda coins is an excellent way for enthusiasts to enter the precious metals market, offering both the joy of collecting and the benefits of silver's investment potential.

Chinese Panda Platinum Coins

The Platinum Panda coins, although less common than the gold and silver versions, have more recently been added to the Panda series. The platinum Panda series is avialable in a 1 gram and 30 gram sized coin. Platinum Panda coins are made from .9995 fine platinum and appeal to those who seek to diversify their portfolio into platinum coins.

The Chinese Panda coin series from the Chinese Mint is a perfect blend of artistic beauty and investment wisdom. Whether it’s the Gold, Silver or platinum Panda coins, each coin and subsequent series is unique. 

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