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Buy European precious metals from sells a wide range of circulated gold coins from Europe, including Swiss Vrenelis and French Rooster gold coins. Most gold coins issued before 1945 had a weight of 5.8 grams. European gold coins can be delivered worldwide and are also available for VAT-free storage.

French Marianne/Rooster Coins

The French Marianne/Rooster coins are a fusion of national symbolism and numismatic art. Marianne, the personification of the French Republic, and the Gallic Rooster, a symbol of the French people, are proudly featured on these coins. Struck in .900 fine gold, these coins are not just pieces of precious metal but also carry a rich narrative of French history and heritage. They are a prime choice for those looking to invest in gold with a story.

French Napoleon Coins

French Napoleon coins are a nod to one of the most influential figures in European history. These gold coins, featuring the likeness of Napoleon Bonaparte, are minted in .900 fine gold and are cherished for their historical value as much as their gold content. Weighing 5.8 grams, these coins appeal to both history enthusiasts and gold investors, embodying a unique blend of the past and the present.

Swiss Vreneli Coins

The Swiss Vreneli coins are amongst the most beloved gold coins in European Bullion. These coins feature the classic Swiss design of Vreneli, the female embodiment of Switzerland, on the obverse, and the iconic Swiss Alps on the reverse. Made from .900 fine gold and weighing 5.8 grams, the Vreneli coins are a symbol of Swiss craftsmanship and tradition. They are highly prized by collectors for their beauty and by investors for their gold content. They are often referred to as 'Swiss Miss' gold coins.

Each of these European Bullion coins - the French Marianne/Rooster, the French Napoleon, and the Swiss Vreneli - weighs 5.8 grams and is crafted in fine gold. These coins were minted and used as currency at the time. Today the gold standard is no longer used in Europe, however these coins symbolise a history of what many gold investors would like to see - a return to the gold standard.

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