Argor Heraeus Bars

Buy cast and minted gold bars from Argor Heraeus. Bars are available in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. Smaller bars are sold in a certicard, and larger bars with a corresponding certificate. Argor Heraeus round bars, cast bars and minted bars are available for Swiss vault storage or delivery.

Argor-Heraeus Bullion

Argor-Heraeus is a unique bullion producer. The company was formed on the back of two industry giants joining forces to combine their best traits. Argor, one of the top Swiss bullion refineries, and Heraeus, the most prominent German bullion refinery, have come together to create truly remarkable bullion bars.

While both companies continue to produce their own products, they also produce their own unique lines under the two brands - Argor and Argor-Heraues.

Design of the Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar

Argor-Heraeus focuses on providing an impeccable level of quality on all of its bullion products. Their main product line is their minted gold bars. Argor-Heraeus minted gold bars are sold sealed in a certicard, which helps prevent damage and tarnishing. 

The top of each bar features the Argor-Heraues logo, followed by the word 'Switzerland'. In the middle of the bar is its weight and its purity.  All Argor-Heraeus gold bars contain 9999 fine investment grade gold bullion, which is the highest standard available in market for gold bars. At the bottom of each bar is its own unique serial number, which is reconfirmed on the bar's certicard. Argor-Heraeus minted gold bars all come sealed in a certicard up to 100 grams. For larger sizes, a separate certificate is provided.

Other Products from Argor-Heraeus

In addition to their minted gold bars, Argor-Heraeus also manufacture kinebars and cast bars.

Cast bars, regardless of brand, have extremely simple designs. They’re made by pouring gold into molds and allowing it to cool. This is fast and reliable, but it doesn’t produce the extremely high-quality details that you get with mint bars or specialty bars. 

On the Argor-Heraeus cast bars, you’ll find the company name, purity level, weight, and serial number on the front of the bar with other basic identifiers. Everything else is left smooth and plain without any sort of detail work.

Argor-Heraeus Kinebars are like an upgraded version of that. They’re mint bars with an added security feature. These are struck. So, the details in the labeling are much finer, the finish is more polished, and it just looks better. The top of the bar has the same information as what you’ll find on a cast or mint bar. The difference is that the bottom is not smooth. It has a Kinegram on it. A Kinegram is a holographic design that is used to secure the bar against counterfeit production, and it also helps make the bars instantly verifiable.

Why Buy Argor-Heraeus Gold?

Known as one of the most reliable brands in the industry, Argor-Heraeus is an excellent brand for any bullion investor. Their stellar reputation makes the company's products popular worldwide. Some of the main reasons investors buy Argor-Heraeus gold bars include:

  • Quality: The company's bars are some of the highest quality gold bars available to retail investors worldwide
  • Reputation: Argor-Heraeus maintains a reputation for cutting technology and impeccable standards when it comes to bullion.
  • Price: Despite its outstanding reputation, Argor-Heraeus gold bars are competitively priced.

Buying Arogr-Heraues Gold Bars from Suisse Gold

Suisse Gold makes every effort to make your bullion purchasing experience as straightforward and seamless as possible.

Payment is accepted 15 international currencies, and clients have the option of secure vault storage or worldwide delivery. For clients prefering storage, 24/7 account management is possible via 'MyVault'.

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