Argor Heraeus Kinebars

Buy Argor Heraeus gold kinebars, with the Argor Heraeus laser inscription on the reverse of the bar. Kinebars are available from Argor Heraeus in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 ounce. 

What is a Kinebar?

A Kinebar is a special type of mint bar that, for most intents and purposes, functions as a mint gold bar. There is one catch, though; a Kinebar has a special security feature that helps prevent counterfeits from being made, and it helps you identify the product as authentic with ease. That would be the “Kinegram”.

A Kinegram is a holographic design that is put onto the bar, and it’s usually a very complex pattern. That’s why it’s difficult to replicate. This is the same technology used to protect government documents and similar very important items.

Investors want these bars for two reasons; first, they can feel comfortable buying them and trusting that they’re real; even when they come from distributors other than the refinery or mint itself. However, it also instills that same confidence into people they might try to sell the bars to in the future. Whenever there is confidence in a transaction, people are willing to pay a premium; this means that Kinebars can produce more than their value in raw gold.

Design of the Argor-Heraeus Kinebar

Argor-Heraeus Kinebars don't have over-the-top designs on them. There are no artistic depictions of Greco-Roman figures or national animals on them. However, they are some of the finest-looking bars available when you consider other Kinebars or just mint bars in general.

On the top of the bar, or the obverse, you’ll find the bar’s identifying information. This includes the company name and logo, weight, purity, and serial number. However, where most mint bars simply print their company logos in repeating patterns on the back, Kinebars from Argo-Heraeus go a step further with a full-wrap Kinegram.

These bars are made from 99.99 pure gold, and they come in a variety of sizes to ensure that there’s something for investors of all kinds.

Other Kinebars from Argor-Heraeus

Argor-Heraeus doesn’t just produce its own Kinebars. It produces bars for other mints, as well. If you’ve ever looked at Kinebars available under the UBS, Raiffaisen Bank, or Austrian Mint name, those are also Argor-Heraeus bars. Those companies all make their own bullion products, but Kinegram technology is something Argor-Heraeus specializes in, and it’s easier for mints to simply outsource that work to someone who can do the job right every time than to try to do it themselves for no reason.

If you buy Kinebars from any of the sources we listed above, you can trust that the same level of dedication is present as you would expect from Argor-Heraeus.

Why Invest in Gold?

If you want an investment portfolio that consistently gains value, you need gold assets. Gold gains value during poor economic periods, and it holds it during good economic periods. That’s the opposite of most assets.

Beyond that, gold is also balanced well between not needing too much of it to have a stack of considerable value, while still being reasonably accessible to most investors.

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