Austrian Mint Gold Bars

Buy gold bars manufactured by the Austrian Mint in all sizes, from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. Bars are available for secure vault storage or for worldwide delivery. Austrian Mint gold bars, cast bars and Austrian Mint gold kinebars available.

Investing in Austrian Mint Bullion

The Austrian Mint is one of the most respected mints in the world. The mint is most known for its range of Philharmonic coins, however they also produce several ranges of gold bars that match the quality and craftsmanship of the Philharmonic coin. For investors looking to buy Austrian Mint bullion, their gold bars should not be overlooked. 

Gold Bars from the Austrian Mint

Austrian Mint offers several bullion bar designs.  There is the traditional minted bar, the cast bar (which is available in larger sizes), and the Kinebar.

Austrian Mint Kinebars

The Austrian Mint kinebar is made for the mint by Argor Heraues using their patented technology. The Kinebar involves the inscribing of a laser image onto the back of a gold bar that is almost impossible to replicate. The Austrian Mint bars feature a laser inscribed hologram of a Leipzeiger horse. 

The Kinebar series is available in smaller sizes, up to 100 grams. All bars are made of 99.99 gold.

The front of the bar features the same design as the original minted bar - the top of the bar features the Mint's logo, followed by the bar's size, purity, hallmark, and finally its serial number.

Kinebars are manufactured in the same way as a minted bar. All bars are sold sealed in their own certicard.

Austrian Mint Cast Bars

Cast bars are very simple bullion bars. They’re made by pouring molten gold into molds, and then allowing the gold to cool. It is the oldest form of crafting bullion bars. Because the technology used to manufacture cast gold bars is less complicated, they also sell at a reduced premium to minted bars. For investors looking to buy gold bars purely on their premium, the cast bar is an excellent option.

Austrian Mint uses 999 pure gold for its cast bars, and they are available in a wide range of sizes, from 250 grams up to 1 kilogram. 

Why Buy Austrian Gold?

Gold is considered a necessary component to any investment portfolio. Gold tends to shield a portfolio against losses caused by economic recession or uncertatinty. Gold gains value during periods of turmoil, when other investments, such as stocks or bonds, lose value. 

The Austrian Mint has an excellent reputation for bullion products. The mint is one of the oldest in Europe, and it is the only major mint within the EU that manufactures legal tender bullion. For clients, particularly in Europe, Austrian Mint bullion is an excellent option. 

Austrian Mint gold bars are available in a wide range of sizes and designs. Suisse Gold sells Austrian Mint gold bars to clients worldwide. Payment is accepted in 15 currencies; including BTC, EUR, USD, and GBP. Secure delivery and storage options are both available. 

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