Heraeus Gold Bars

Buy Heraues gold bars, including Heraeus cast gold bars and Heraeus gold kinebars. Heraeus gold bars are available in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram, including the 1 ounce gold bar. Buy Heraeus gold for delivery of Swiss Vault Storage.

About Heraeus Bullion

Heraeus is the largest precious metals refinery in Germany, headquartered in Hanau, and they manufacture gold, silver and platinum bars for retail investors and for industrial purposes. They also own 'Argor-Heraeus', a major precious metals refinery in Switerland. Heraeus is a German operated company, and Argor-Heraeus is the Swiss branch. Heraeus manufacture a range of gold bullion bars available in both ounce and gram denominations.

Heraeus Gold KineBars

Heraeus gold Kinebars are manufactured in cooperation between Argor-Heraeus and Heraeus. These bars feature a hologram of the Argor Heraeus logo on the back. This hologram is laser inscribed under unique technology developed by Argor-Heraeus. All Kinbars contain 9999 fine gold bullion bars, and have a serial number located on the bottom.

Kinebars are generally available in smaller sizes, ranging from 1 gram up to 100 grams. 

Heraeus Multigram Gold Bars

The Heraeus multigram gold bar was launched at the time of the economic crisis in Europe around 2011 and 2012, and is designed to be kept in a wallet or pocked. The little 1 gram gold bars can be separated out form the certicard in an emergency, and used in lieu of cash. 

Heraues Cast Gold Bars

Heraeus cast gold bars are available in larger sizes. These bars are manufactured in a different way to the minter bars. Liquid gold is poured into moulds, forming a 'cast' bar. The 'Heraeus' logo and the bar's information is then stamped into the bar. The appearance of these bars is more rugged, however many investors prefer the style of the cast bars. 

Gold Bars for Sale

Investors have always sought after gold bullion as a store of value, and the yellow metal has grown in increasing popularity since the time that the United States gave up the gold standard. Today, many investors hold gold bullion as a hedge against stock market and other speculative investments. Gold prices normally strengthen in a recession, which is a major reason why investors are encouraged to hold some of their portfolio in gold. 

SuisseGold.com offers clients the option to buy Heraeus gold bars for storage or for worldwide delivery. 

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