Heraeus Cast Gold Bars

Buy Hereaus cast gold bars in all sizes from 50 gram to 1 Kilogram. Heraeus bars are available for secure vault storage or worldwide delivery.

Heraeus Bullion

Heraeus bullion has a unique place in the bullion industry. Not only is Heraeus one of the only family-owned, large-scale refineries, but historically, it played a big part in developing the smelting practices used today.

Before Wilhem Heraeus took control of his father's apothecary shop, smelting platinum was incredibly inefficient. The traditional smelting methods could only smelt very small quantities at once, and this hurt the local Hanau jewelry industry as platinum grew in popularity. That is until Heraeus used his apothecary equipment to produce a new smelting process that could smelt much larger amounts in a faster period. Eventually, Heraeus grew to become a top provider of platinum around the world, and it is now the largest family-owned refinery in the world; still operating out of its original Hanau headquarters.

Of course, the bullion Heraeus produces isn’t just platinum. Gold and silver are also available from the refinery, and their bars are some of the most respected bars available.

Heraeus Cast Gold Bars

Cast bars are far simpler than minted bars or specialty bars. They’re essentially sold purely based on their raw value as gold, and they don’t come with any fancy frills. Cast bars are simply smelted, poured into molds, and allowed to cool; creating a fine, pure, gold bar.  Because of this cast bars aren’t as uniform or “perfect” looking as mint bars. 

Heraeus cast gold bars are some of the finest available. They're made with 99.99% pure gold, and they have a remarkable finish and sense of uniformity despite being cast. Molded into each Heraeus cast gold bar are the Heraeus name, the metal type, purity rating, weight, and serial number.

While Heraeus used to only focus on smaller bars, the company now offers cast bars as small as 5 grams and as large as 12 kilograms.

Why Buy Gold Bars?

Gold bars are a key part of any investment portfolio. Cast bars are a no-frills option valued purely on their gold content, which makes perfect for investors buying gold bars on price alone. These bars are sold at a lower premium to minted gold bars.

When the market fluctuates, gold performs differently than silver or platinum. Instead of gaining value while the market is good, it holds its value. When the market is bad, it gains value. This means that, while your silver and platinum assets are rising in value during good economic times, your gold assets will hold their value. When your silver and platinum assets are holding their value, or even losing value during bad times, your gold will be rising in price.

Over time, all precious metals increase in value, or rather, fiat currency decreases in value against precious metals due to inflation. 

Heraues Gold from Suisse Gold

Suisse Gold sells the complete range of Heraeus gold bars. These include Heraeus minted gold bars, Heraeus cast gold bars, and Heraeus Kinebars. Heraeus gold can be purchased from Suisse Gold using any of 20 currencies, including USD, CHF, EUR, GBP, PLN, DKK, SEK, AED, SAR, CAD and others. Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum are also accepted. Clients have the option to organise their purchase for worldwide delivery or secure Swiss vault storage. 

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