Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

Buy Johnson Matthey gold bullion bars for secure vault storage or worldwide delivery.

About Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

Johnson Matthey is a precious metals refinery that was headquartered in Salt Lake City, and was a prominent player in the industrial metals refining business. The company produced a range of gold and silver bars for investors. In 2014 Johnson Matthey sold its precious metals refining business to the Japanese brand Asahi, who today continue to manufacture gold and silver bullion bars out of Salt Lake City. Johnson Matthey gold and silver bars are sold at a slighly higher premium, due to the fact that they are no longer being manufactured. 

Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

Johnson Matthey gold bars are available in larger sizes, ranging from 1 Ounce to 1 Kilogram. Because these gold bars are manufactured in America and primarily for the American Market, they are not available in gram denominations. Each gold bar features the Johnson Matthey logo at the top, with a serial number at the bottom. 

Johnson Matthey Gold Bars for Sale

Johnson Matthey gold bars are less common in the precious metals market, and are only available in the secondary market. This is because Johnson Matthey no longer manufactures gold or silver bars. This has also increased the value of these bars, so they sell for a slighly higher premium over other gold or silver bars as a result. offers its clients the option to buy or sell gold bars for worldwide delivery of for Swiss vault storage. Clients can buy Johnson Matthey gold bars in any of 16 currencies. 

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