Kantonalbank Gold Bars

Buy Swiss Kantonalbank gold bullion bars in all sizes from 1 Gram to 100 Gram. Bars are available for secure vault storage or worldwide delivery.

Kantonalbank Swiss gold bars are manufactured by Argor Heraeus on behalf of the Swiss Kantonal banks. The Kantonalbanks function to distribute and manage money in Switzerland on behalf of the Swiss National Bank. Like Credit Suisse and UBS gold bars, these regional Swiss banks issue their own gold bullion bars for their clients to invest in.

Kantonal Gold Manufactured by Argor Heraeus

Argor Heraeus is one of Switzerland's most prominent precious metals refineries, and manufactures a number of gold bullion bars on behalf of Swiss Banks. These include the Swiss Kantonal banks, UBS and Raiffaisen bank. 

The Kantonalbanks are sold sealed in their own independent certicard, with the Canton Bank's name located at the top of each bar, next to the Argo Heraeus logo. Each bar contains 999.9 fine investment grade gold bullion, and its own serial number. 

Kantonal gold bars are particularly popular in smaller sizes, up to one hundred grams. These bars are not available in a one ounce size, but are only available in gram denominations. 

Kantonal gold bars are available for worldwide delivery.

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