PAMP Suisse Faith Series

Buy the full range of PAMP religious gold bars, including the PAMP gold Romanesque Cross, PAMP gold Lakshmi, PAMP gold Buddha, PAMP gold Mecca and PAMP gold Am Yisrael Chai! bars. PAMP religious bars are available in gold and in silver. In addition to the religious series, PAMP also sell the PAMP Lunar series and PAMP Fortuna series of bars in gold and in silver.

Investors routinely turn to gold when looking for an asset to weather a financial storm. PAMP gold bars are some of the most well known and reputable worldwide, and this includes the relatively new PAMP Faith series.

Introducing The PAMP Faith Gold Bar Series

The PAMP Faith series is an excellent choice if you are looking to buy PAMP gold. PAMP Suisse, a prominent precious metals refiner from Switzerland has expanded its series of gold bars to include the 'Faith' series for special commemorative occasions. The PAMP Faith series gold bars reflect the world’s foremost religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Hinduism.

Designs included in the PAMP Faith Series

These special edition bars are made of the highest grade pure gold, and all bars have a fineness of 99.99%. Each PAMP Faith gold bar is exclusively numbered and sealed in a high-grade protective pouch. The front side, for example, shows the Romanesque Cross of Christianity and icons or symbols associated with the respective religion. On the other side of the bar are the specifications on the bar itself and an Assay Certificate. The ‘Assay Certificate’ is an official guarantee which validates the weight, purity, and serial number of each product.

The PAMP Faith bars are also available in silver. In addition to this special Faith series bars, PAMP also refines and manufactures other well-known series like the PAMP Lunar series and the PAMP Fortuna series, which are equally popular with investors. Furthermore, all PAMP gold bars purchased by can be purchased for worldwide delivery for for secure Swiss vault storage that is free of charge for the first year. 

Why Invest in PAMP Faith Gold Bars?

If you are planning to invest in gold bars, then the PAMP Faith series an excellent place to start. There are other renowned brands, as well as other series available from PAMP Suisse itself, however the Faith Series bars are unique and limited in availability, adding to their potential value. 

In addition to their beautiful design, buying gold bars for physical ownership is an excellent way to invest in gold. The price of gold, like all other precious metals, will fluctuate depending on demand and supply. However, considering its value, gold maintains its purchasing power. Irrespective of price fluctuations, gold will reserve an investor's purchasing power over a very long time. This is different to fiat currencies, which lose their value and purchasing power over time.

Invest in PAMP Gold Bars

Physical gold bars are fairly liquid. They can be bought and sold fairly easily. Gold is a tangible asset, and PAMP bullion is recognised worldwide. PAMP Suisse Gold Bars are certified by the Swiss National Bank and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), which further confirms their quality and the standard to which they are produced. PAMP gold bars can be liquidated easily for cash or cryptocurrencies if necessary. 

In times of uncertain economic conditions and risky ventures, gold will always offer a lower risk with a higher return. If investors buy PAMP gold, including the PAMP Faith series of gold bars, they can rest assured that they have made a quality bullion investment. 

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