PAMP Suisse Lunar Series

Suisse Gold sell the full range of PAMP lunar gold bars, including the PAMP lunar Rooster, PAMP lunar Snake, PAMP lunar Dragon, PAMP lunar goat, PAMP lunar horse and PAMP lunar dog bar. PAMP Lunar series gold bars are availble in 5 gram, 1 ounce and 100 gram sizes. Bars are available for Swiss storage or delivery. PAMP Suisse is one of the most popular names in the bullion industry. 

What makes PAMP unique amongst its European peers is its extensive range of bullion bars, and this includes its Lunar series Gold Bars. If an investor is looking to buy PAMP gold, then consider the Lunar series.

Introducing the PAMP Lunar Series Gold Bars

To observe the Chinese New Year, PAMP has launched the Lunar Gold Bar Series. This series is available in a series of 12 designs, and each image depicts an animal from the Chinese lunar calendar. Some of the different designs available in the Lunar series include the lunar snake gold bar, lunar dragon gold bar, lunar horse gold bar, lunar tiger gold bar, and others.  Each animal relates to a specific year in the 12-year Chinese calendar system.

In terms of design, the Chinese symbol for each respective animal is engraved on the front of every gold bar in the Lunar series. For example, the 1 Oz The Year of The Tiger Gold Bar, on the obverse, showcases the tiger descending from a tree, with the Chinese character symbol for 'Tiger' directly below. On the back of the bar is a view of the tiger from behind. The bars also has its fineness, serial number, and weight engraved on it. As with all bars, gold or silver, the Lunar series bars are made from the highest quality bullion. Lunar series bars are sold sealed in a bright red certicard, which is the national colour of China. 

Why Invest in PAMP Gold Bars

Investing in gold bars is beneficial to investors looking to safeguard an investment portfolio. PAMP offers a wide variety of precious metal products. PAMP also happens to be one of the few trusted brands in the gold bullion market, officially recognized by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). PAMP is very transparent regarding the procurement and trading of gold that they use for their products. Straight from the vaults of Switzerland, PAMP is one of the most renowned brands in the precious metals market. The PAMP Lunar Series is also coveted for its beautiful designs. 

Invest in Gold Bars Today

Gold is one of the best long-term tangible assets available to investors today. It acts as money without having an official designation as currency. But that has not stopped investors from storing gold in their portfolio. With that said, the PAMP gold Lunar bars offer more than just purity and design. Gold is an asset that is purchased to increase personal wealth.

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