American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins

The American Buffalo coin is produced by the US Mint and is available in 1 Oz denominations. Unlike the American Eagle coin, the American Buffalo coin is 9999 fine investment grade gold bullion. Buffalo gold coins are popular amongst gold investors, and are available for worldwide delivery or for storage in our vaults.

Investing in Gold Buffalo Coins

The gold Buffalo coin is a unique coin to the range available from the United States Mint. The Buffalo is only available in gold, and it is also only available as a one ounce coin. There are a number of different silver Buffalo rounds available in the market, however these are manufactured by private mints, and are not backed by the US Mint or US government. For this reason, they do not have any legal tender value, and are referred to as rounds instead of coins. 

The Buffalo gold coin is also unique in that it is the only 9999 fine gold bullion coin manufactured by the United States Mint. 

Design of the Gold Buffalo Coin

The design of the gold Buffalo coin remains the same each year. The front of the coin features an image of an Indian Chief, with the word 'Liberty' written at the top. This design is taken from the original American 'Indian Head' nickel, which was in circulation in the first half of the 20th century. The reverse of each coin features an image of an American Bison, or Buffalo, grazing. The words 'United States of America' and 'E Pluribus Unum' are inscribed at the top of the coin. The bottom features the words 'In God We Trust', the coin's size, fineness and face value. Each 1 Ounce gold Buffalo coin has a face value of $50 USD.

Buying Gold Buffalo Coins that Are Low Premium

For investors looking to make sizeable purchases of gold Buffalo coins, offers low-premium, low-margin Buffalo gold coins in tubes of 20 or in monster boxes of 500 coins. These coins sell at a low-margin above spot. Gold Buffalo coins are available either as current year or backyear coins. 

The gold Buffalo is a very good coin to select if you are looking to put together a portfolio that includes gold coins. It is backed by the United States government, and is the only 9999 coin that they sell, which means that it is the purest gold coin available from the US Mint. These coins are recognised worldwide, and made to a high standard. 

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