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The Perth Mint is famous for its release of a number of different coins. The Perth Mint most famously produces the Lunar Series of gold coins, which are hugely popular with investors and collectors worldwide. In addition, the mint also produce the gold Kangaroo coin. Both the Kangaroo and the Lunar series gold coins are popular with gold investors worldwide. Buy the gold Kangaroo and the gold Lunar Series coins produced by the Perth Mint for worldwide delivery or for storage in our vaults.

The Perth Mint:

The Perth Mint is one of the older mints that are still active. It was first opened in 1899 as a colonial branch of the UK’s Royal Mint, and there were two other mints at the time of its creation. However, the other two were shut down by 1901, and the Perth Mint became the official mint of Australia.

Unlike many other mints around the world, the Perth Mint is solely a government entity, and it’s the sole producer of Australian bullion. The mint is owned and operated as a part of the Western Australian government. However, it is not the only mint in Australia. There is also the Australian Royal Mint; which is in charge of producing coinage for circulation.

The focused effort of the Perth Mint to produce bullion rather than coinage and the like as well allows it to produce some of the world’s finest bullion bars and rounds.

Gold Coins Minted by the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint produces a few coins that are particularly popular amongst collectors. 

Kangaroo Series:

The Kangaroo is the official animal of Australia, and it is the only continent where the marsupial can be found. So, it makes sense that the Perth Mint would make a bullion coin commemorating the creature.

Kangaroo gold coins come in sizes from 1/10th of an ounce to 1 kilo, offering a wide variety of options to investors and collectors. They're also made with 9999 fine gold, which is the highest purity of gold bullion coin available.

While the artistic depictions do change with each iteration, adding a bit of collectibility to each variant of the coin, all kangaroo coins have one thing in common. The coin features an artistic depiction of a kangaroo, usually with the kangaroo’s natural habitat in the background, and the words “Australian Kangaroo” around the rim.

Lunar Series:

The Perth Mint's other popular coin series is the Lunar series. This series of gold coins are made in commemoration of the Chinese Zodiac. As such, there is a separate coin for each animal in the zodiac.

Each coin is made from 999% pure gold is available in a wide range of sizes, and is dedicated to a single zodiac animal. Each coin features a new animal from the 12 that feature in the Chinese Zodiac. The image is updated annually, and these coins have a large numismatic following. They often tend to appreciate over time as they are popular with collectors.

Why Buy Perth Mint Gold?

Beyond offering two highly sought-after options that have captured the gaze of most collectors and investors around the world, the Perth Mint also focuses on quality. Each gold coin is made to exhibit the most detail possible, the luster is bar-none, and you can trust that no corners are cut in their production process.

Suisse Gold sells Perth Mint gold coins to investors for secure vault storage and secure worldwide delivery. Storage is free of charge for the first year. payment is accepted via bank transfer in any of 15 currencies and also by cryptocurrency. 

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