Kangaroo Gold Coins

Buy Australian, Perth Mint gold Kangaroos, including 1 Ounce gold Kangaroos, 1/2 Oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz Gold Kangaroo coins for secure vault storage or fast, worldwide delivery.

History of the Kangaroo Series

The Kangaroo Series was first issued in 1986. Initially, the coins featured a frosted finish that differentiated the depths and lines of the artistic depictions more vividly than any other coin on the market. The use of 99.99% pure gold also set the coins apart. This made “kangaroo coins” some of the most valuable and sought-after coins on the market. However, the original coin issued did not feature a kangaroo. Instead, it featured an image of an Australian gold nugget, and was known as the Australian Nugget.

The Kangaroo design was developed in 1989, 3 years later, with the same focus on detail and quality. It was meant to differentiate the Australian Nugget from other bullion products and to create an Australian coin that truly embodied the symbolism of the country. As a result of the 1989 change in artistic depictions, the coin took off and became the icon of the bullion industry that it is today.

Today, Kangaroo coins are still made to the same high standards of quality, and each year a new image of a kangaroo is featured on the coin. This allows collectors to find different options every year or two.

The Kangaroo Series – Design and Sizes

The Kangaroo series is available in multiple precious metals, but gold Kangaroo coins are by far the most popular. In the gold series, you'll find a wide range of sizes available; including everything from 1/10-ounce to 1-kilo coins. However, the 1-ounce coin is the most popular, as it balances its cost well against its value and investment potential. This makes it more accessible, but still extremely valuable.

Kangaroo Coin Size Face Value
1/20 Ounce $5 AUD
1/10 Ounce $15 AUD
1/4 Ounce $25 AUD
1/2 Ounce $50 AUD
1 Ounce $100 AUD
2 Ounce $500 AUD
10 Ounce $1000 AUD
1 Kilogram $10,000 AUD

Depending on the year of issue, some of the face values on these coins can vary. Fore example, the 10 ounce gold Kangaroo was issued with a face value of $2,500 AUD in 1991, and this was updated to $1,000 AUD in 1992.

While the concept behind the Kangaroo gold coin remains the same each year, the design of the Kangaroo on the reverse of the coin is updated annually. The front of the coin always features an image of Queen Elizabeth II, which is standard on all commonwealth currency. 

Buying Perth Mint Gold Coins

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