Austrian Gold Coins

Buy gold coins manufactured by the Austrian Mint. The Austrian Mint is one of Europe's most prominent mints in terms of bullion coin production. Suisse Gold sells Austrian Mint gold coins, including Philharmonics and Ducats, to clients worldwide. 1 Ounce ,1/2 Ounce, 1/4 Ounce, 1/10 Ounce and 1/25 Ounce gold Philharmonic coins are all avialable for worldwide delivery and secure vautl storage. Backyear and current year coins are available. 

The Austrian Mint

This Vienna-based mint has been Austria's official government mint since 1987. However, it's not a government entity. It's a limited liability company that functions as a subsidiary of the Austrian government. Because of this, the Austrian Mint has a wide variety of processes it's committed to.

The Austrian Mint is responsible for manufacturing all Euro coins that circulate in Austria. The mint also develops commemorative and special-purpose coins for the government.

However, its status as a limited company allows it to take on other projects. Namely, it produces bullion that is publicly available to investors, collectors, and institutions around the world. The Austrian Mint produces a wide variety of bullion coins and bars in a variety of metals every year.

Finally, many countries worldwide, and especially smaller ones without their own mints, have their own currencies minted by the Austrian Mint.

Types of Coins Issued by the Austrian Mint

Austria has historically produced two prominent gold bullion coins - the Austrian Philharmonic and the Austrian Ducat. 

The Ducat is only available in gold, in a range of sizes, while the Philharmonic is available in gold, silver and platinum.


The Philharmonic is Austria’s most sought-after bullion coin. It’s a commemorative piece that honors the nation’s world-renown Philharmonic Orchestra. The coins were first launched in 1988.

On the obverse of a Philharmonics coin, the organ that highlights the orchestra’s performances is featured in vivid detail. On the reverse, a selection of instruments from the orchestra are depicted in life-like artistic depictions, and the Wiener Philharmoniker name is proudly etched around the rim.

Philharmonics coins are backed by the Austrian government, which means that they have their own legal tender value. For example, each 1 Ounce gold Philharmonic has a face value of €100. While the Austrian government agrees to guarantee the coin to this value, the coin's value in terms of its gold content is far greater.  


The Ducat Gold coin was made famous during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the design featured on the coin was first introduced by Franz Joseph, Emperor of the empire until 1915. These coins come in different values but the most common is the 100 Corona Ducat, which contains 30.5 grams of gold.  Restrikes of gold Ducats are still made, but all feature the year 1915 on their front. They are very thin, but they have a much larger diameter than modern coins.

On the obverse of a Ducat, you’ll find Franz Joseph I; the longest reigning emperor of Austria and one held dearly in the hearts of Austrians to this day. On the reverse, you’ll find the Austrian coat of arms.

All Austrian Ducat coins have a fineness of 999. Each Ducat contains 98.6% gold; and the remaining 1.4% of the coin’s raw makeup is silver.

Investing in Gold Coins

Suisse Gold carries a wide range of gold bullion coins from the Austrian Mint, including gold Ducats and gold Philharmonics. Adding these coins or other bullion products to your investment portfolio is easy with Suisse Gold. offers secure vault storage in Swiss vaults, and payment is possible via wire transfer in 15 international currencies. Cryptocurrencies are also accepted.

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