Gold Philharmonics

Buy Austrian Gold Philharmonics, including 1 Ounce Gold Philharmonics, 1/2 Oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz gold Philharmonics. The 1 Ounce Gold Philharmonic coins are available in Euro or Schilling denominations, depending on the year. Gold Philharmonics are very popular amongst European gold investors. Suisse Gold sells gold Philharmonics for secure vault storage or worldwide delivery.

History of the Philharmonics Gold Coin

The Philharmonics gold coin was first released in 1989 by the Austrian Mint. The coin is the only Euro denominated bullion coin, and popular with investors worldwide. 

The coin was struck to honor the Philharmonics Orchestra, a world-renowned orchestra that was first brought together in 1842 to play the classical music of Beethoven and other iconic classical musicians.

The designs on the coins have changed in minor ways over their nearly 33 years of existence, and in 2019, a special 30th Anniversary Edition coin was released to mark three decades of the Austrian Mint proudly striking and delivering these popular coins to people around the world.

The Austrian Philharmonics Gold Coin Series

Today, the Austrian Mint produces Philharmonics coins in gold, silver and philharmonic. 

The gold Philharmonics coin is made from 9999 pure gold, and it comes in sizes ranging from 1/25-ounce to 1 ounce.

These coins feature the same design on all sizes, and on the gold, silver and platinum coins. For the most part, the design remains the same each year.

On the obverse, you’ll find the grand organ that sets the tone for the orchestra’s musical lineup and produces some of the most dominant notes in the songs played in Vienna’s Philharmonics Orchestra hall. Around the rim of the reverse, you’ll find the words Wiener Philharmoniker proudly displayed, and within it, you’ll find artistic depictions of a cello flanked by four violins, a harp, trumpet, and flute in realistic detail. These are the most prominent instruments the orchestra utilizes, and the level of clarity and detail they’re depicted in is truly something to marvel at.

These coins are sold sealed in individual plastic slips which protect the coin.

Investing in Philharmonics

Philharmonics are considered a popular gold coin to invest in. Gold Philharmonic coins are the only officially minted gold coins issued by an EU country, with a Euro denomination. This makes the coins highly coveted by investors. Gold Philharmonics can be purchased individually or in wholesale tubes. Investing in gold coins continues to be a popular choice for investors, particularly in the face of an impending crisis with inflation. 

Suisse Gold accepts payment in a wide range of currencies, including BTCUSDGBPEURSEKSAR and others. Both worldwide delivery and secure storage in Swiss vaults are available to clients. 

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