British Gold Coins

Buy British manufactured gold bullion coins, including gold Britannias and gold Sovereigns. Gold Britannias, gold sovereigns and gold Queen's beasts series coins are available in 2018 issue and backyear. Swiss storage and delivery both available. 

British Gold Coins

There is hardly any gold coin more sought after than British gold coins in a world where gold collector's items and investment-grade bullion coexist. With some of the most exquisite artistry and the purest gold available, British gold coins have long been sought after by collectors and investors alike. The British Royal Mint is one of the world's most historic mints, having produced coins since its inception 886 A.D.

The British Britannia Series

Without a doubt, the British Gold Britannia coin is the gold bullion program that underpins the Royal Mint's numismatic products. The United Kingdom's official gold bullion coin was released in 1987 with a gold content of 0.917 pure gold. Since 2013, the coins have been minted in 24-karat pure gold with a fine gold content of 0.9999 percent. As with their silver counterparts, the British Gold Britannia coins are commemorating their 30th anniversary of the issue in 2017.

History of Britannia Gold Series

The British Gold Britannia Coin was introduced in 1987 amidst an ever-changing gold bullion market. The 1970s gold bull market compelled other sovereign mints to offset the popularity of the South African Gold Krugerrand's 1967 issue and capitalize on increased demand for privately held gold bullion coins.

The word Britannia dates all the way back to the first millennium A.D. Britannia was used as a title for the province when the Roman Empire conquered the British Isles. Around the year 119, Emperor Hadrian introduced Britannia on a coin for the first time.

In 1672, King Charles II of England reintroduced the Britannia concept to British coins. Following the union of the crowns of England and Scotland in the early 18th century, the usage of the Britannia figure on British currency grew. The 1987 introduction of the Gold Britannia represented a watershed moment in the reintroduction of Britannia to British coinage, with a design unlike any other previously seen on a British currency.

Design of British Britannia Coins

The back of the British Gold Britannia Coin features the same depiction of Britannia as it has for the previous 30 years. Britannia first appeared on sovereign coins with the creation of the United Kingdom between England and Scotland in the early 18th century.

All British Gold Britannia Coins feature a new fifth-generation portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Her Majesty's effigy was last revised in 1998 by Ian Rank-Broadley, but in 2015, the Royal Mint revealed a new picture of the Queen by Jody Clark, the Queen's youngest engraver and artist.

The Gold Sovereign

The Gold Sovereign of Great Britain is one of Europe's longest-running series of coins that are still accessible to current coin investors. It was initially released on October 28, 1489, with the idea of releasing a gold backed currency. Although the sovereign wasn't England's first gold currency, it did become a key emblem of the England and contemporary Great Britain's sovereignty.

History of British Gold Sovereign

Prior to 1489, England's Royal Mint struck a variety of different gold coins  across the realm. The first sovereigns were minted during King Henry VII's reign, and they quickly became the world's biggest and most precious gold currency. As is the case with current gold sovereigns, these initial coins included a depiction of Henry VII seated on his throne and dressed in his coronation robe.

In 1817, modern-era gold sovereigns were reintroduced. The move was precipitated by Napoleon's and the French Army's loss in 1815. The country conducted a study of its currency and discovered that inhabitants preferred gold coins worth 20 and 10 Shillings over the previously used coins, which included Guineas and Shillings.

Design of the British Gold Sovereign

British Gold Sovereigns minted after Queen Victoria I's death in 1901 featured a variety of monarch busts on the obverse, and it the modern design for the coins. These included the busts of King Edward VII between 1902 and 1910, King George V between 1910 and 1936, a few for King Edward VIII before his abdication in 1936, and several effigies of King George VI between 1936 and his death in 1952. Queen Elizabeth II has been Queen since then, and her portrait has been altered five times throughout her reign.

The Royal Mint's History

Founded in the year 886 as the London Mint, the British Royal Mint is one of the world's oldest continuously running enterprises. The Royal Mint has created some of the most frequently used coins in the world throughout its history, owing in large part to the size and breadth of the previous British Empire. The Royal Mint's coins were once used in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Today, the Royal Mint successfully remains one of the world's premier facilities. The sovereign Britannia coin is the mint's most popular product. Each coin has a picture of the mythological Britannia, a Roman goddess who was thought to have guarded the country.

Each Silver Britannia coin depicts her holding a trident in one hand and a shield displaying the U.K.'s Union Jack flag in the other, her gaze set on the English Channel that separates the British Isles from continental Europe.

Why Buy British Gold Coins

Gold Coins are a time-honored form of legacy investment — they provide a unique and physical record of history spanning over 2,000 years. Additionally, they may outperform several equities and shares. For instance, last year, when the GB200 Rare Coins Index increased by more than 6%, the FTSE 100 plummeted by about 5%.

The two primary gold investment coins in the United Kingdom are Gold Britannias and Gold Sovereigns. As a result, while diversifying your gold investment portfolio, they are often regarded as sound investments. Perhaps unexpectedly, this is why they are so popular with British investors.

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Numerous beautiful British Gold Coins are available from the Royal Mint of England on a yearly basis. At, you will find British Gold Coins to match your investment requirements.

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