British Britannia Gold Coins

Buy British Britannia gold coins from Suisse Gold carries the complete range of British Britannia gold coins, including 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/10 ounce gold Britannia coins. Current year and back year gold Britannias are available. British Britannias can be purchased individually, or in wholesale lots of 10 or 20 coins. Gold Britannias are available for worldwide delivery and secure Swiss vault storage. 

About Gold British Britannia Coins

The British Britannia gold coin stands out on the global market for many reasons. The gold Britannia, like the rest of the Britannia series, is renowned for its quality, value, and of course, its pristine and detailed appearance. It is truly a coin that belongs in every investor’s portfolio.

The front of each coin features Queen Elizabeth II in a right-facing portrait. Encircling her portrait are her name 'Elizabeth II', and the coin's legal tender value of £100. The reverse side of the Britannia gold coin features a detailed image of Lady Britannia herself; a symbol of Great Britain that was first introduced during the Roman Empire. She is clad in elegant robes with traditional armor pieces and wields a large trident and a shield bearing the Union Flag as she stands above the rippling waves of the English Channel. 

Modern coins also feature some refined security features. Most notably, the trident wielded by Britannia on the obverse changes to a padlock at certain angles of viewing, the Union Flag on her shield contains tincture lines, the waves are animated, and the micro-text is extremely difficult to replicate. All of this makes for a coin that is near counterfeit-proof.

While these coins are available in sveral sizes, the 1-ounce size is the most popular

The History of British Britannia Coins

Britannia was first invented as a symbol of Britain in AD 119, and she was featured on all of Hadrian’s coins during that era. The depiction would eventually fall into obscurity, but in 1672 Charles II chose to depict her on the coinage produced during his reign. This revived Britannia’s status as a symbol of Britain, and every monarch since Charles II has utilized the figure on their coinage.

In 1987, the modern depiction of Britannia was created by Philip Nathan under the commission of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin artist chose to depict Britannia in as traditional a manner as possible, and while the Royal Mint has added some high-tech features to gold Britannia coins since the depiction was originally created, the mint still uses Nathan's artistic depiction on both bars and coins in various metals to this day.

Why Buy Britannias?

British Britannia gold coins are some of the most well-known and high quality bullion coins available on the market. They are manufactured by the Royal Mint, one of the world's most renowned mints. The Britannia coin is known worldwide, and is instantly recognised. The coins are produced with investment grade gold bullion, and are available individually or in wholesale lots of 10 or 20 coins. Finally, British gold coins have a tremendous reputation. For many years, the gold Sovereign coin was the world's most popular gold coin, and was used globally for trade at ports in India, Australia, Canada and South Africa among other countries.

Suisse Gold sells gold Britannia coins to its clients worldwide. These coins are available for worldwide delivery or secure Swiss vault storage. Clients have the choice of paying via bank transfer in any of 20 currencies, or via cryptocurrencies in any of 8 currencies. Some accepted currencies include Euros, Pounds Sterling, Swiss Francs, US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Arab Dirhams, Swedish Krone, and many others. Wholesale gold Britannias are available, and clients may buy both new and circulated coins.

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