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Buy the gold Maple Leaf coin, produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Gold Maple Leaf coins are available both in current year and back year versions, and are available in 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1 oz denominations. The gold Maple Leaf is one of the most popular gold coins amongst gold investors, due to their low premium and high popularity. The Royal Canadian Mint also produce the Maple Leaf coin in silver, platinum and palladium. Gold Maple Leaf coins are available for world wide delivery or for storage in our vaults.

A History of the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is the official mint for both circulated coinage and precious metals for the government of Canada. The Mint is located in Ottawa, Canada, and was founded in 1908.

The RCM manufactures precious metals bars and coins in gold, silver, platinum and palladium on behalf of the government of Canada. The most famous of these is the Maple Leaf series. 

The Royal Mint was founded in 1901 as a branch of the UK's Royal Mint, in order to manufacture British Sovereign gold coins. At that time Canada was part of the British Empire, and trade between the UK and Canada was significant. Gold Sovereign coins were recognised worldwide at trading ports and stops as the coins' gold content gave them universal value. 

The Royal Canadian Mint was also responsible for minting and refining the gold bullion that was mined in Canada. The Royal Canadian Mint obtained independence from the UK in 1931, following the depression. At this time the mint was placed completely under the control of the Canadian government. 

The Maple Leaf Series

The Canadian Maple Leaf series was launched in 1979, and has been in continuous production since then. the coin was launched as a 999 fine gold coin, however in 1982 the fineness of the gold Maple leaf was increased to 9999 fine, or 24 karat. 

The Maple Leaf series was launched in resonse to the Krugerrand gold coin, which had gained huge popularity since its release, and also to meet demands of a retail precious metals investing market. In the 1970s, investing in gold and silver became fashioinable. 

Maple Leaf gold coins were launched in 1 Oz size, but by 1982 were also released in fractional sizes. The most popular sizes are the 1 Oz, 1/2 Oz, 1/4 Oz and 1/10 Oz sized coins. The Royal Canadian Mint also release a 99999 fine gold bullion coin annually, which is currently the purest gold coin available to investors. 

The Maple Leaf Series Expanded

The Maple Leaf gold coin series was immediately popular upon its launch, and quickly became the best-selling gold coin worldwide. In 1988, the Royal Canadian Mint followed on with a silver and platinum Maple Leaf coin. The palladium Maple Leaf coin was released in 2005. 

The Royal Canadian Mint have also released a gold and silver Maple Leaf bar. These bars are popular with investors looking to purchase gold and silver for lower premiums, or for those looking to buy gold and silver in larger increments. Royal Canadian Mint gold bars are available in 1 Oz, 10 Oz and 1 KG sizes. Royal Canadian Mint silver bars are available in 10 Ounce and 100 Ounce sizes. 

Special Edition Coin series released by the Royal Mint

The Royal Mint frequently release special edition gold coins. Some of these include the 99999 fine gold Maple Leaf coins, which feature a face value of $200 CAD, and a unique design each year. . The Mint has also released a 'Roaring Grizzly' gold Maple leaf coin with a purity of 99999. 

Finally, the Mint released the 25 Gram Maple Leaf bar, which is a certicard containing 25 x 1 Gram Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins. These were released commemoratively for the  40th edition of the Gold Maple Leaf. 

Investing in Canadian Gold Coins

Canada's gold bullion market is one of the best developed world wide. The Royal Canadian Mint is at the forefront of the industry, frequently releasing new and unique items to meet with consumer demand. The RCM is one of the few mints worldwide to issue a palladium coin, and also to release a 99999 fine gold coin. 

Many investors select to place a portion of their assets into gold bullion, as it acts as a very good hedge of value, particularly during a recession or depression. For clients insterested in purchasing gold, offers a large range of products, available for both VAT-exempt storage in Switzerland or for delivery. Clients may purchase Canadian Gold Coins, including Gold Maple Leafs, in any of 15 currencies, and 5 cryptocurrenices. 

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