French Gold Coins

Buy French gold coins, including French Napoleon and French Rooster gold coins, for secure vault storage, or fast, worldwide delivery. Napoleon and Rooster gold coins are particularly popular amongst gold investors located in Europe.

The 20 Francs French Rooster coin is one of the most popular French bullion coins available on the market. Suisse Gold carries french gold coins, including the Rooster and the Napoleon gold coin, for both secure vault storage and worldwide delivery.

About French Gold Coins

Though no longer manufactured, the French had a rich history in minting gold coins. Most of this was completed at at the Paris Mint, although there were mints elsewhere too. There are two main French gold coins that are still popular today: The French Rooster and the French Napolean. Both are most commonly purchased in the 20 Francs versions, which equates to approximately 5.8 grams of gold. France stopped minting gold coins in the first half of the 20th century, however, many coins are still available today. 

The 20 Franc Gold Rooster Coins

The gold rooster coins, or this particular variant of the gold 20 Francs coin, were mostly in circulation from the early 1800s to the early 1900s. It was the predominant coinage in the 19th century, and it was commissioned by Napoleon III.

Today, the coin is considered a rare coin and enjoys a few key benefits, such as not being reportable to government financial institutions in most countries; and in most developed countries, it’s protected from government confiscation laws that might be necessary in extreme circumstances.

The face of each 20 Franc gold rooster coin features Marianne; the artistic depiction of France’s feminine embodiment. On the reverse, you’ll find the Gaelic rooster; a symbol that has been seen as a French mascot for hundreds of years.

The 20 Franc Gold Napolean Coin

Circulated from 1853 to 1870, these Napolean coins were made in honor of France’s most revered emperor, Napolean III.

While the face value of these coins is simply 20 Francs, their age, rarity, and waning numbers can add numismatic value to the coins over time in addition to their gold value.

There are two possible variations of these coins that you might receive when ordering from Suisse Gold. First, the obverse will have a right-facing portrait of Napolean, and the reverse will have a simple wreath design. This was the first gold Napolean coin produced. The second, made during the second half of the coin’s circulation period, has a slightly different right-facing Napolean portrait, and the reverse has the French coat of arms instead of the simplistic wreath design.

Due to their age, these coins are sold in circulated condition only.

Investing in French Gold Coins

Suisse Gold makes it easy to invest in French gold coins. Payment is accepted in 15 popular currencies from around the world. Secure vault storage or worldwide delivery are both available to clients worldwide.

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