Mexican Gold Coins

Suisse Gold sells gold coins produced by the Mexican Mint, including gold Libertads and 50 Peso Gold Coins, for secure vault storage or fast, worldwide delivery.

One of the most recognized and widely dealt precious metals coin, the Mexican peso is greatly valued by collectors and investors alike. This beautifully minted gold coin has gained in popularity over the last decade. As an investor, if you are looking to buy gold coins, the Mexican gold peso is worth considering. 

The Mexican Mint

The Mexican Peso is one of the earliest bullino coins in North American history that was officially minted by a mint still in production. In fact, the Mexican Mint is over 400 years old.  In addition to manufacturing coinage for the mexican government, the Mexican Mint also manufactures precious metals coins, including the Mexican Libertad and the Mexican Peso, both of which are produced in gold. 

50 Peso Gold Coins

Investors looking to buy gold Pesos will notice that these coins are hugely popular. The 50 Peso Mexican gold coin is 37.5 grams and has a guaranteed finesse of 90% fine gold and 10% copper. 

It is the addition of copper that gives the coins a density that gold itself cannot offer. On the front of the 50-peso gold coin, the Angel of Independence features. The reverse side of the coin has a printing of the coat of arms for Mexico.

The Mexican gold peso is available in a range of sizes. The series also includes 1/2 pesos gold coins, 5 pesos gold coins, 10 pesos gold coins, to even 50 pesos gold coins.

Gold Libertads

The Mexican Gold Libertad was initially released with a fineness of 900, however this was updated by the Mexican Mint to a fineness of 999 in 1989.

The Gold Libertad coins in these series capture the iconic design, which includes the patriotic features of Mexico. Today, the Gold Libertad is available in 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10, and 1/20 oz.

The Libertad series is issued annually in limited mintages, which is part of the reason that they gain in value over time. Each year, the Mexican Mint issues a limited number of Libertads (which are available in gold and silver). The number of coins issued does vary from year to year. 

Mexican gold coins, including Libertads and Pesos, continue to be popular with investors and collectors, even in modern times. sells Mexican gold coins to clients worldwide. Clients may purchase these coins in Mexican Pesos, US Dollars, Euros, and many other currencies. 

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