Swiss Gold Coins

Suisse Gold sells Swiss Vreneli coins for secure vault storage or worldwide delivery. The Vreneli is the only significant gold coin produced by the Swiss government. Each Vreneli contains approximately 5.8 grams of gold. Swiss Vreneli coins are popular, particularly amongst European gold investors. Vreneli gold coins are available for worldwide delivery or for vault storage.

Swiss Gold Coins

Although Switzerland is the headquarters of precious metals refining, it surprisingly does not currently manufacture a legal tender gold bullion coin. Switzerland’s official gold coin is the Vreneli, which was manufactured between 1897 and 1949. The coins were hugely popular, and more than 58 million coins were minted during this period. The coin was withdrawn from circulation in 1949 due to inflation. Each coin had a value of 20 Francs, but by 1949, the value of the gold in each coin had risen to 28 Francs.

About Swiss Vrenelis 

Swiss Vreneli coins each weigh 5.8 grams and have a gold purity of 900, which was the standard at the time the coin was issued. When the Vreneli was first launched in the late 1800s, Switzerland still maintained the gold standard, meaning that their currency was backed by gold. But this was abandoned in the mid-1930s at the time of the second world war. Nevertheless, Switzerland is still known for its stable Economic and conservative fiscal policies, which has maintained the Swiss Franc as the most stable fiat currency in the world.

Switzerland does headquarter some of the most well-established and reputable precious metals refineries in the world. These include brands like Argor-Heraeus, PAMP, Valcambi, and Metalor.

Why Buy Swiss Vrenelis?

Swiss Vreneli coins are popular, and particularly in Europe, both in Switzerland and the European Union. Many investors like to purchase these coins several at a time and build up a collection over time. Other popular European coins include the French Rooster and the French Franc.

Investing in Swiss Coins

Clients of Suisse Gold can buy Vreneli coins for worldwide delivery or for secure Swiss storage. Clients may buy Vreneli coins in any of 20 currencies, including Swiss Francs, British Pounds SterlingUS DollarsEurosDanish KronePolish Zloty, and others. 

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