Asahi Silver Bars

Buy Asahi silver bars in 1 Ounce, 10 Ounce, 1 KG and 100 Ounce sizes. Asahi recently purchased the Johnson Matthey refining business, and has replaced Johnson Matthey in the investment silver bullion bar market. Asahi bars, though new to the market, have developed a popular following. Asahi silver bars are available for worldwide delivery or for storage.

Asahi Refining is part of the larger, globally respected, Asahi Group. Asahi’s refining branch has more than 200 years' worth of combined refining experience between itself and its partners, and it has become a global leader in the production of gold and silver bullion. This private mint is easily one of the most recognizable names in bullion, and even if you haven’t purchased an Asahi bar specifically, top brands such as Johnson Matthey are now producing bars under the Asahi flag.

Asahi Minted Silver Bars

Asahi’s 1-oz minted silver bars are truly exceptional. The attention to detail, fine lines, and overall craftsmanship are bar-none. Each bar is made from 999% pure fine silver, and they come packaged in sealed blister packs with unique, high-security, assay cards.

On the obverse of an Asahi minted silver bar, you'll find the Asahi logo followed by the Asahi Refining name. This is preceded by the bar's fine silver label, weight, and purity rating. On the reverse, Asahi's excellent craftsmanship shines with the Asahi logo in a repeating pattern that is sharply detailed and far above industry standards.

Asahi Cast Silver Bars

If you’re simply looking to invest in silver and want to buy silver bars based on their premium, then Asahi cast silver bars are right for you. Among the available options, both the Asahi 1 kilogram and 100-oz silver bar is highly popular.

This high quality silver bar is cast from pure 999 fine silver. The obverse of the bar simply contains the Asahi logo, year of production, purity rating, weight, and serial number. These bars are shipped in secure packaging with an accompanying assay, and while they lack the fine details of Asahi's minted bars, they more than makeup for it as a one-transaction way to add a large amount of silver to your portfolio.

Asahi’s Other Fine Bullion Products

Silver is the main focus of this overview, but Asahi does offer a fine selection of gold bullion for purchase. From 1-oz bars to more substantial 400-oz bars, Asahi's gold offerings are all of the highest quality and worth a look from an investor or collector. These gold bars come in minted versions and cast versions.

Beyond gold bars of various sizes, Asahi also offers fine-grain gold and silver, as well as rounds made from either metal.

Why Invest in Silver?

Most investors look at gold and platinum to fill out their portfolios for high gains. However, silver is a necessary part of any intelligently designed portfolio. Gold holds its value well during good economic periods. This makes it a solid choice for storing wealth. However, it only tends to appreciate in value during economic downturns. Silver, on the other hand, does the opposite. When times are good, it raises in value. When times are bad, it maintains its value extremely well. This helps prevent a gold-heavy portfolio from being stagnant during good economic periods.


Suisse Gold sells Asahi silver bars and more from bullion producers around the world. We accept 15 currencies to ensure every transaction is as smooth as possible for our clients, and we offer high-security shipments along with storage in secure Swiss vaults per client request. Also, all European clients can enjoy VAT-free purchases on silver, platinum, and palladium.

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