British Silver Bars

Buy British silver bars, including the newly released British Britannia silver bar. British Britannia silver bars are available in 10 Ounce and 100 Ounce sizes. British Britannia gold bars are available for delivery worldwide or for Swiss storage.

British Silver Bars

The Royal Mint is the exclusive mint in charge of producing coins for the United Kingdom. It’s headquartered in Wales, and it’s owned by Her Majesty’s Treasury. This government-owned mint produces not just circulation coins as British currency, but also commemorative coins, bullion bars and rounds, and special themed tokens that draw the attention of collectors and investors from around the world.

Britannia Bars Series

Britannia silver bars are the specialty of the Royal Mint, and they’re highly sought after by collectors everywhere. These silver bars carry value beyond just their market price in silver due to their unique visual designs and overall uniqueness.

Britannia silver bars come in 10-oz sizes all the way up to 100-oz and larger, but the smaller 10-oz bars are the most popular.

On the obverse of all modern Britannia bars, there is a full-bar depiction of Britannia herself wielding a trident in full armor with cascading waves forming the backdrop. The reverse of a Britannia bar features the standard identifying labels of silver bullion with the Royal Mint name and logo at the top, preceded by the weight of the bar, its 999% purity rating, the silver label, and of course, its serial number for identification.

Each bar is shipped sealed in blister packaging with a unique assay card.

Britannia Bars: Gold and Platinum Options

It’s worth noting that any avid collector of Britannia bars and coins can enjoy the detailed bullion pieces in a variety of metal types; not just fine silver.

Namely, The Royal Mint offers gold and platinum Britannia bars that feature the same full-bar artistic depiction on the obverse, and the reverse is used for all identifying information.

These bars range from just a few grams in size to 100 grams and they feature no visual differences from their silver counterparts outside of the obvious difference in material.

Like the silver bars, gold and platinum Britannia bars are shipped in sealed blister packaging brand-new, and they come with unique assay cards for easy verification.

How to Invest in Silver

If you're only interested in investing in silver for its precious metal value, then buying physical silver bars is a great option. 

If you want to add numismatic or collectible value to your portfolio in the hopes that there will be additional appreciation on your portfolio over the value of silver, specialty bullion such as the Britannia silver bars we detailed above are perfect. They hold special value for collectors that exceeds the value of their weight in pure silver.

Of course, diversifying your portfolio with other precious metals can also help to ensure stable portfolio growth with minimal risk.


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