Credit Suisse Silver Bars

Buy Credit Suisse silver bars in 250 gram, 500 gram and 1 KG sizes. Credit Suisse silver bars are available for secure vault storage or worldwide delivery

About Credit Suisse

The Credit Suisse Group is a global banking entity that has ties to nearly every financial institution currently in operation. From its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, it manages a staggering number of investment operations as well as the refinement, minting, and distribution of silver, gold, and various other precious metals into bullion and circulatory coins.

Credit Suisse Silver Bars

Credit Suisse’s silver bars are rather unique in the investment world. Credit Suisse has stopped production of all of its silver bars. While these bars are still available due to the sheer number of them that were produced, they carry more value than just the outright value of the silver itself. They’ve become staples in collections around the world since leaving circulation, and that adds a premium to their overall costs. While not ideal for investors solely interested in the market price of investment silver, collectors can add secondary value to their silver stacks by acquiring these out-of-circulation bars.

When they were produced, Credit Suisse silver bars came in a variety of sizes as low as 1 gram to as large as 1 kilo and larger; with a full range of sizes in between.

On the obverse of Credit Suisse mint bars, the Credit Suisse name is printed with a rounded square border surrounding it. That is followed by the bar’s weight, purity rating of 999% pure silver, an authenticity stamp, and an individual serial number that is unique to each bar for identification purposes.

Credit Suisse silver bars that have managed to remain in their packaging come in sealed blister packs with a verifiable assay, while second-hand bars can vary depending on the condition they were left in by the previous owner.

While simplistic in their visual designs, Credit Suisse silver bars are known for their high-quality finishes and finely designed details; giving off a sense of luxury and quality that few silver bars can attain.

Why Buy Swiss Silver?

The global silver market is stable across the board, and while silver is silver regardless of the brand, the Swiss have had dedicated silver refineries that have reached the highest levels of the bullion world.

Swiss silver, when purchased from a reputable mint or distributor, is known for high-quality finishes, above-standard attention to detail, and reliable purity that is difficult to match elsewhere. Combining that with the age and high-security standards of Swiss refineries, you can trust that your silver investments are in good hands when purchasing from Swiss manufacturers.

Finally, the Swiss hold the crown as the most secure mints in the world. With most European distributors offering offsite storage in secured Swiss vaults at reasonable prices, and innovative security features being built into the bars themselves on many occasions, a Swiss silver investment is one you can trust.


Suisse Gold understands what silver investors want. We offer secure storage in Swiss vaults, secured deliveries, and VAT-free transactions on all silver, platinum, and palladium purchases for our European clients. We also accept 15 currencies from around the world; including but not limited to ETH, EUR, CHF, USD, and GBP.

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