Republic Metals Corp

Buy Republic Metals Corp silver bars in sizes including 10 ounce and 100 ounce bars. RMC silver bars carry a low premium and are a good investment option for silver investors.

Republic Metals Corp

Republic Metals Corporation is a US-based mint with headquarters in Miami. The company was founded in 1980 with an initial investment of just $2500. However, the company quickly began servicing not only the bullion world but also the medical and technological sectors. Since then, the company has received multiple accolades for green refining processes, general quality, and more. It is now one of the largest precious metal refineries in the world, and it processes more than 7000 tons of silver and gold annually.

RMC Minted Bars

RMC produces a number of minted bars in both gold and silver. These bars feature extremely high-polish finishes, crisp details, and no-frills imagery. They can be purchased in sizes as small as 1 ounce or as large as 1 kilo or more, and each bar is shipped sealed with a verifiable assay.

On the obverse of RMC's minted bars, you'll find the RMC logo at the top, and that is preceded by the metal label, weight, and purity of the bar. At the bottom, the assay seal can be found. The reverse of RMC minted bars features a repeating pattern of the RMC logo.

Gold bars are made with a 99.9% purity rating, with silver bars matching the industry's standard 999 ratings. Since these bars are available in both silver and gold, RMC is a great source for building a uniform, yet diversified, investment portfolio.

RMC Cast Bars

Like most mints, RMC does offer no-frills bars that lack the attention to detail of a minted bar, but they also come with several benefits. These "cast" bars are made by pouring liquid precious metals into molds and allowing them to cool. This results in a less lustrous appearance when compared to the high-polish finishes of minted bars, and the details of lettering and logos aren't as crisp, but they do suffice, and they maintain the market value of their respective metals perfectly. Because these bars don't gain value from special manufacturing processes, it's also perfectly fine to handle them, and you don't have to worry about depreciating their value.

RMC offers cast bars in gold and silver, and they can be found in sizes as low as 1 ounce or as high as one kilo.

On the obverse of these cast bars, you’ll find the RMC logo, the type of metal it’s made of, its weight and purity, the assay seal, and a serial number. The rest of the bar is left plain as is the case with most cast bars.

Purchase RMC Bars from Suisse Gold

RMC bars are exceptional in quality and varied enough to allow for diversification of your portfolio without having to shop for different brands. If you're looking to add RMC bullion to your investment portfolio, Suisse Gold is your go-to distributor. We accept 15 currencies from around the world, including ETH, EUR, and USD, and we offer VAT-free transactions and storage for all European clients who purchase silver, platinum, or palladium. Furthermore, we offer secure delivery for all purchases, and clients may opt for secure storage in the finest Swiss vaults.

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