Heimerle & Meule Silver Bars

Buy Heimerle & Meule silver bullion bars, including the 1 KG and 100 Gram Cook Islands Silver Bars, and the 100 Gram Silver Cook Islands Combi Bars silver bullion bars for secure vault storage or worldwide delivery.

Heimerle & Meule Silver Bars

Heimerle and Meule is one of the older refineries in Germany. Found in 1845, it has been focused on producing high-quality gold and silver since its inception. For most of its history, it specialized in processing pure metals into usable alloys for various industries, but it did eventually move to the production of privately sold bullion. In the early 2010s, Heimerle and Meule began a string of partnerships that turned it into the Heimerle and Meule Group that it is today; a larger group of investment-based companies and refineries.

Cook Islands Silver Bar Series

The Cook Islands silver bars are unique; as they're the only "coin bars" in circulation in Europe. These minted bars are available in various sizes measuring in grams, ounces, and kilos, and they feature a highly detailed obverse. The obverse features the standard identifying information such as the metal type, weight, serial number, and purity rating. However, they also feature imagery depicting a sailing boat with a Cook Islands coin depicted as a 1:1 recreation in the top-middle of the bar.

Because these are “coin bars” actively in circulation, they come with special VAT benefits.

Cook Islands Combibars

Combibars are a unique type of investment. These are essentially rows of the Cook Islands coin bars detailed above that are able to be broken off into individual bars when needed. As for the individual bars, their features are the same as the normal Cook Islands bars. They feature the same coin depiction with Queen Elizabeth II, a boat sailing in the backdrop, and all the standard identifying information.

The most popular Cook Islands Combibars are the 100x1g bars. These are sheets of 100 1-gram bars attached at perforated points, and each 1-gram bar is made from 999 fine silver.

The ability to break combibars into individual segments makes selling small portions of your portfolio far easier than it is with standard bars, while still holding a high-value piece of bullion overall.

Cook Islands Minted Bars

Cook Islands minted bars are similar to the other options listed in this overview with small visual differences and of course, the added benefit of the bars being officially minted.

These minted bars feature the coin inlay of Queen Elizabeth II like all other Cook Islands bars and the artistic depiction of a boat sailing near the bottom. At the top of the obverse, identifying information including the weight of the bar, its 9999% purity rating, and the Fine Silver label can be found.

These minted bars are available in a wide variety of sizes, but 10-gram, 1-oz, and similar sizes are the most popular options. Each minted Cook Islands bar is made on behalf of the Cook Islands government and comes packaged with an assay.

Investing in Silver Bars

Investing in silver bars is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to start investing in precious metals. Due to silver’s reasonable value per unit, excellent holding power during economic downturns, and fair ability to grow in value during economic upswings, it’s a necessary part of any portfolio, yet it’s still accessible to beginners with little capital.

Investing in cast bars, investment silver, and other cost-effective options as a beginner can help raise your portfolio’s worth, but even as a seasoned investor, high-value bars such as these Cook Islands bars, with value outside of the cost of silver, can be tremendous assets capable of offsetting the few downsides of more valuable metals.


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