Investment Silver Bars

Why Invest in Silver?

Silver is a rather valuable material that holds wealth well. It not only maintains its value over the long term but due to silver's demand around the globe, it does tend to see fair value appreciation over time.

This makes silver great for diversifying your portfolio rather than relying on just one precious metal, but it also makes it an accessible choice for investors who are just starting out and have less capital to invest; without placing unnecessary investment risk on the investor.

Overall, silver is stable, able to be purchased with lower amounts of capital, and is generally one of the more reliable precious minerals to invest in.

What is Silver?

Silver is a precious metal found beneath the Earth’s surface. Silver can be found in ore veins on its own, or it can be harvested as a byproduct while refining copper, lead, and gold. The latter method is what’s used to produce much of the silver on the market today.

Because silver is lustrous and appealing to the eye, but not quite as rare or valuable as gold and other precious metals, it’s often used to craft more affordable luxury jewelry and watches; among other fine items such as tableware, trinkets, and coins.

Silver bullion is simply silver melted and cast or minted into bars or rounds of various kinds, and there are numerous brands that put their own spin on each type of bullion they produce. However, when you are less interested in branding and visual additions, and more focused on the value of silver by itself, you can avoid premiums and build a robust portfolio at a lower price.

The Future of Silver as an Investment

Silver serves a very specific purpose in the investment world. When you invest in gold, its value will remain stable the majority of the time. When the market is good, it doesn’t fluctuate much. When it takes a downturn, gold’s price skyrockets.

Silver is the opposite, and it helps promote consistent growth. When the market is bad, it holds its value well. However, when it's good, it climbs in value rapidly. This allows you to offset the holding value of gold during optimal economic periods, and it makes silver's potential future growth something to look forward to.

Buying Silver from SuisseGold.EU

If you’re looking to invest in silver, is your go-to source. We offer investment silver bars for those who aren’t concerned with brand names at a considerable discount, and we stock a full range of premium silver bars from the top refineries. All of our silver bars can be purchased in 15 currencies, including CHF, BTC, EUR, and GDP, and we offer secure vault storage or delivery options. Finally, silver, platinum, and palladium purchases are VAT-free for all European clients.

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