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PAMP silver bars are available to clients looking to buy silver bars in sizes ranging from 2.5 grams to 1 Kilogram. PAMP silver Fortuna series, PAMP silver Lunar series, PAMP silver Faith series and PAMP cast silver bars are all available. PAMP silver available for VAT-free Swiss storage and delivery.

PAMP, or Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, is a highly accredited refinery in Switzerland that holds some landmark achievements that should draw support from investors around the world. With a rich, yet relatively short, history, a full suite of accomplishments, and some of the finest bullion available, PAMP should be on every investor's shortlist.

What’s the History of PAMP Bullion?

PAMP isn’t the oldest refinery, but it is old enough to have built itself a rather rich history over the course of decades.

First, PAMP was founded in 1977 in Ticino, Switzerland. At first, the refinery had a fairly small scope. The main focus of PAMP was on the production of precious metal alloys for the luxury watch industry, and of course, small-scale minted bars. PAMP's precious alloy endeavors have served many of the top jewelers and watchmakers in Switzerland and elsewhere. However, the minting side of the company only produced bars smaller than 100 grams for the bulk of the early half of its existence.

Now, PAMP is far more diverse in both its precious alloy production and its bullion endeavors. Rather than just serving as a small refinery, PAMP now mints coins for some governments, produces rounds, and mints and casts a vast selection of bars in sizes all the way up to the massive 12.5-kilo bars that are hard to find elsewhere. This makes PAMP a world-renown producer and distributor of bullion and precious metals for various reasons among a wide base of customers.

That reputation has also netted the refinery some of the industry’s finest accolades. Most notably, it is the only Swiss refinery to hold ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000 at the same time. However, those aren’t the company’s only achievements. It’s also an Approved Good Deliveries Referee, of which there are only three in the world, and part of the PPA; an alliance formed by some of the world’s top companies to ensure that precious minerals are traded responsibly.

PAMP Fortuna Silver Bars:

PAMP’s Fortuna bars, across all the alloys it offers, are some of the most popular bars in the world. These silver Fortuna bars are no exception.

These Fortuna bars in unique in the way they visually depict their artistic depictions and bar information. First, the obverse of the silver Fortuna bar is adorned with a highly ornate depiction of Fortuna herself clad in Roman warrior armor with riches pouring into her hands. This artistic depiction nearly covers the entirety of the obverse side of the bar; thus, all identifying information is found on the back of each bar.

On the reverse, you’ll find the PAMP name and logo, the weight of the bar, its 999.0% purity rating, the fine silver label, and of course, the seal of authenticity along with a serial number unique to each bar.

PAMP’s silver Fortuna bars come in a wide range of sizes; however, the 1-oz, 1-gram, 5-gram, 10-gram, and 100-gram bars are the most popular among investors and collectors alike.

PAMP Cast Silver Bars:

For investors and collectors looking for more basic, cost-effective routes to silver stacking, PAMP offers cast bars. These bars lack the attention to detail and fine artistic depictions of many other bars from PAMP, but they still bring the luxury and quality associated with fine silver. What differs with these bars is that they are poured into molds from pure, molten silver and allowed to cool; hence the name "cast".

Cast bars are simple, but they have one major advantage; you can handle them without worrying about devaluing them. Removing a Fortuna bar from its packaging and handling it will greatly depreciate its collectible value.

Each cast bar features a plain, smooth reverse with an obverse that features all identifying information. This includes the PAMP logo and name, bar weight, purity rating, authenticity seal, and serial number.

PAMP Lunar Series and Faith Series Silver Bars:

These two collections of silver bars feature the same amazing attention to detail and awe-inspiring artistic depictions that made the Fortuna series a staple among bullion collectors.

First, the Lunar series is in celebration of the lunar calendar. As such, each bar is dedicated to one of the animals found in the lunar calendar. Depending on the age of the bar, the obverse and reverse sides are different. Most bars have a depiction of the Chinese symbol for each month, such as a tiger, on the obverse with a rear view of that symbol animal on the reverse. These bars come in various sizes, but the 1 ounce bar is the most popular.

Then, you have the Faith collection. The Faith collection is dedicated to various belief systems from around the world; depicting the symbols of each religion with respect and fine attention to detail. Similar to the Lunar collection, the Faith series has artistic depictions on both sides.

All of PAMP’s special collections come with assays for verification and are packaged new to ensure quality.

Why Buy PAMP Silver?

There are numerous reasons to purchase PAMP silver, but we’ll forego the most obvious ones such as quality. Instead, focus on what makes PAMP unique.

First, PAMP offers multiple special collections with their silver bars. The Fortuna bars are staples in every collector's portfolio, and the Lunar and Faith series are both unique to PAMP.

Then, you have to consider the quality of PAMP itself. There’s a reason the company has amassed so many accolades. It’s trustworthy, ethical, and known for taking care of its customers.

How to Invest in Silver:

Investing in silver is easy. If you choose to invest in physical silver, you can purchase bullion and either take delivery of it or store it in Suisse Gold's secure vault.Buying physical silver is easy and Suisse Gold makes every effort to make your transactions as straghtforward and seamless as possible.

How to Buy PAMP Silver Vat-Free

European residents can buy silver from Suisse Gold and use's VAT-free bullion storage option in order to avoid paying VAT on your silver purchase. Clients may then request delivery or sell their silver back to Suisse Gold at any time. Using Suisse Gold's storage option can dramatically decrease your cost of investing, potentially increasing your return on investment. 


PAMP silver bars make great additions to any collector or investor’s portfolio. You can purchase your PAMP silver bars in more than 15 currencies (including BTC, ETH, CHF, EUR, or GBP to name a few) at All of our clients can enjoy secure storage in Swiss vaults or secure delivery options, and we offer Vat-free transactions to all European clients on silver, palladium, and platinum.

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