1 Kilogram PAMP Silver Bars

PAMP was founded in 1977 as a small-scale refinery that primarily served the jewelry and automotive industries by processing raw precious metals into usable alloys. Over time, their production scaled until they became part of the much larger MKS Group. Now, PAMP processes precious metals in a much larger variety of forms and metals to serve the private bullion industry, multiple independent governments, and of course, they still serve the jewelry industry. PAMP has also gone on to become one of the most decorated refineries in the world and is one of only three Good Delivery Referees in the world.

Why is PAMP Silver So Popular?

PAMP silver is one of the most popular bullion options available, but why is that? Well, it starts with the company’s unmatched dedication to quality. Investors and collectors can trust that their silver bars will be made to the specifications they’re marketed as each and every time. The high level of security maintained by PAMP is another determining factor.

However, there’s another reason. PAMP produces a number of specialty bars that draw the attention of people from all walks of life. This includes their Faith series, Lunar series, and the ever-popular Fortuna series of silver bars. These options give collectors and investors more than just a silver investment; it adds collectible value to a bullion portfolio.

These are traits that aren't commonly found in most other companies.

PAMP 1-Kilo Fortuna Silver Bar

The Fortuna series of silver bars is PAMP’s most popular series. As such, the refinery has translated the Fortuna design present on the more common 1-ounce bars to their 1-kilo bars to provide clients looking for a more substantial asset with access to the popular series.

These 1-kilo bars feature the PAMP name at the top of the obverse side, with the traditional Fortuna artistic depiction spanning the rest of the obverse. Like other depictions of Fortuna, she is clad in Roman armor with riches pouring into her hands.

These 1-kilo bars are made from 999% fine silver, the reverses contain all identifying information such as the weight, purity, and serial identification number of the bar, and they come sealed with a unique assay.

PAMP Cast 1-Kilo Silver Bar

For those looking to make a sizable investment without making multiple purchases or paying premiums for specialty bars, PAMP also sells 1-kilo cast silver bars. These cast silver bars are poured from molted silver into molds and allowed to cool. This results in less defined detail work and the finishes aren't as highly polished, but the bars maintain their silver value and are in fact pure silver.

These 1-kilo bars feature an obverse with the PAMP name and logo, the “Silver” label, the weight and purity of the bar, and a unique serial number. The reverse is left plain like on most cast bars.

Buying 1-Kilogram Silver Bars

1-kilogram silver bars are the most popular silver bars in Europe, and that’s for a good reason. Rather than buying dozens of smaller bars in separate transactions, a 1-kilo bar allows you to store a considerable amount of wealth with a single purchase. For this reason, it's a good idea to have at least a few 1-kilo bars supplemented with several smaller bars to ensure you can sell what you need when the time comes.  

VAT-Free Silver Storage

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