1 Ounce PAMP Silver Bars

1-Ounce PAMP Silver Bars

PAMP is a Switzerland-based mint out of Ticino. It has specialized in the refinement, minting, and assaying of precious metals since 1977, and it has grown to become one of the top-performing mints in the world. To date, it is the only Swiss mint to hold five certifications simultaneously, and among other accolades, it's one of only three Good Deliveries Referees in the world. This dedication to quality and upholding the highest standards makes PAMP a go-to source for bullion for many investors and collectors alike.

PAMP Fortuna 1-Ounce Silver Bars

PAMP’s highly popular Fortuna series is one of the most instantly-recognizable themed bars on the market. These silver bullion bars are made from 999% pure fine silver with a focus on attention to detail and grand artistic depictions.

On the obverse of these 1-ounce silver bars, A depiction of Fortuna clad in Roman armor with riches pouring into her hands spans the entirety of the bar’s surface. The intricately detailed artistic depiction is crafted with sharp, defined lines that exude beauty, and it’s this level of visual detail that makes the Fortuna bars so popular.

The reverse of Fortuna 1-ounce silver bars is used for identifying information such as the PAMP name and logo, the weight and purity of the bar, and of course, the bar’s serial number.

Each PAMP Fortuna bar comes sealed with a unique assay for safe storage and easy verification.

PAMP 1-Ounce Lunar Silver Bars

Another of PAMP's highly popular specialty series, the Lunar series pays homage to the Chinese zodiac. Each bar in the series features a high-quality artistic depiction of each of the zodiac's animal symbols on the front and back of each bar. For example, the bar correlating with the tiger features a fierce and elegant depiction of an adult tiger stretched across the obverse. On older bars, the reverse of the same bar would have a rear view of the tiger, but newer models feature an infant tiger on the reverse. This same theme is present with the dragon, horse, etc.

The collectability of these bars, matched with their pure silver value, makes these bars special additions to any stack.

Each bar is shipped and sealed with an assay for easy verification.

PAMP 1-Ounce Religion Series Silver Bars

Finally, PAMP also has a 1-ounce line in their popular Faith series of silver bars. The Faith series is dedicated to the most prominent religions in the world. On the obverse of Faith series bars, you'll find a full-bar artistic depiction featuring symbolism from the bar's corresponding religion. For example, the Christianity-themed bar has a Romanesque cross across the obverse. On the reverse of Faith series bars, identifying information such as the weight, purity, PAMP name and logo, and serial number can be found.

The Faith series has a bar for Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and more, and each bar in the series is crafted to a 99.99% fineness.

Investing in Silver from PAMP

Investing in PAMP silver provides you with a few options. If you’re solely interested in the investment power of silver, there are normal cast and mint bars available. However, their numerous specialty options set them apart from other mints. You can easily add collectible value, on top of the silver value of your portfolio, by purchasing bars from one of their highly sought-after series.

This allows you to place value in your investment beyond the silver market, and it’s a worthwhile way to diversify your portfolio.


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