PAMP Cast Silver Bars

Buy PAMP Silver Bullion bars, including the PAMP Silver Fortuna Bars in 1 Oz, 100 Gram, 5 Oz and 10 Oz Sizes, and the PAMP Silver Lunar Year of the Dragon, Pamp Silver Lunar year of the Snake, and PAMP Silver Lunar Year of the Horse bars. In addition to the PAMP Fortuna and PAMP Lunar series of silver bars, Suisse Gold also sell the PAMP Faith series of silver bars. PAMP silver bars are most popular amongst investors or collectors in 1 Ounce and 1 KG sizes. PAMP Silver bars are available for secure vault storage or worldwide delivery.

Why Buy PAMP Cast Silver bars?

The PAMP Cast Silver bar is currently available in three sizes - the 10-ounce bar, the 1 Kilogram bar, and the 100-ounce bar. Cast silver bars are manufactured in a different way to the minted bars. When cast bars are made, liquid silver is poured into a mould, and then the design of the bar is pressed into the top when it has cooled and is hard. 

Cast bars are very popular, particularly in silver, and they are an excellent option for investors looking to purchase silver.

Design of the PAMP Cast silver bar

PAMP Cast silver bars feature the PAMP logo and hallmark on the front of each bar, with the bar's weight, fineness, and serial number located at the bottom. The reverse side of the bar is left blank. These bars come with a separate certificate issued by PAMP that confirms the authenticity of the bar.

PAMP cast bars are available in both gold and in silver. 

Silver Bars by PAMP

In addition to the PAMP Cast silver bar series, PAMP sell a number of silver bars featuring different designs. The most popular is the PAMP Fortuna series. These feature the image of Lady Fortuna on the front, with the bar's weight, fineness, and serial number located on the reverse. Smaller-sized bars are sold sealed in their own certificate, and larger-sized bars come in a plastic case with a separate certificate. The Fortuna series is available in smaller sizes, ranging from 1 gram up to 1 kilogram.

PAMP also sells the Lunar series and the Faith series. Both of these are available in 10 gram, 1 ounce, and 100 gram sizes. The Lunar series follows the Chinese lunar calendar and features a different animal on the front each year. This is a total series of 12 designs.

Why Buy PAMP Silver?

For investors looking to purchase larger amounts of silver, PAMP cast bars are an excellent option - they are a recognized and popular brand, and their quality is high. Larger-sized silver bars carry a significantly lower premium than smaller bars or silver coins and are therefore a better investment option. offers clients the option to purchase PAMP silver for delivery or to store it VAT-exempt. Payment can be made in any of 15 currencies and a number of cryptocurrencies. 


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