PAMP Fortuna Silver Bars

PAMP Fortuna silver bars are available from Suisse Gold in sizes ranging from 2.5 grams to 1 Kilogram. The PAMP Fortuna series is one of PAMP's most popular ranges. PAMP Fortuna silver bars are available for VAT-free Swiss storage or delivery.

PAMP Fortuna Series Bars

PAMP is a Switzerland-based refinery and private mint that holds the most accolades out of all other Swiss-based mints, and in fact, it is more widely renowned than most refineries on a global scale, too. PAMP specializes in the refinement, minting, and distribution of some of the world's most sought-after bullion; among which is its coveted Fortuna bars.

PAMP Fortuna Series: Silver Bars

PAMP's Fortuna series silver bars are among the most highly sought-after silver bars on the market. They have been renowned for years among collectors and investors alike.

PAMP’s Fortuna bars feature one of the most iconic obverse artistic depictions in the bullion industry. Each silver bar features a highly detailed of Fortuna herself clad in her iconic Roman armor with riches pouring into her hands from above. This artistic depiction covers the entirety of the front of the bar, with the reverse being utilized for identifying labels on most models.

Each silver Fortuna bar is made from 999 fine silver, comes packaged in a sealed blister, and ships with a verifiable assay to prove its purity and value.

These bars are available in a wide range of sizes ranging from the staggeringly small and compact 2.5-gram bar, all the way to the hefty 1-kilo bar.

It is worth noting that Fortuna bars carry a premium price above the market price of silver due to their collectible nature.

PAMP Fortuna Series in Other Metals

Diversifying your stack is key in precious metals investing. Different materials appreciate and depreciate in value at different points in the market’s fluctuation, and having a diverse portfolio will allow you to see consistent growth.

Luckily for Fortuna collectors, PAMP also offers Fortuna bars in gold, platinum, palladium and rhodium. All Fortuna bars share the same visuals as the silver bars we covered in detail.

Gold bars in the Fortuna series come in sizes ranging from 1 gram up to 1 kilogram. This allows you to make smaller or larger purchases depending on your preferences.

PAMP Fortuna bars in platinum and palladium have recently been released in a range of sizes, in addition to the standard 1oz and 10oz sizes. Smaller sized bars, including 1 gram, 5 gram and 10 gram platinum and palladium bars are now available as well. 

How to Buy PAMP Silver VAT-Free

The most reliable, and legal, way to get around VAT is to purchase from a distributor whose VAT policy allows you to bypass VAT fees. For example, Suisse Gold can provide VAT-free transactions on silver, platinum, and palladium to all European clients via its VAT-Free bullion storage service, which is located in Switzerland.


Suisse Gold accepts 15 currencies ensuring our clients can enjoy a smooth transaction when purchasing Fortuna bars and various other bullion products. We also offer secure storage in Swiss vaults and delivery services, and all of our European clients can enjoy VAT-free transactions on silver, platinum, and palladium.

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