Perth Mint Silver Bars

Buy Perth Mint silver bars, including 1 Kg, 10 Ounce and 1 Ounce silver bars. 1 Ounce Perth Mint silver bars come minted, with a repeating Kangaroo design on the reverse of the bar. The 10 Oz and 1 KG Perth mint silver bars are casted. Perth Mint silver bullion is available for VAT-free Swiss storage or delivery worldwide.

Perth Mint is one of two Australian mints that produce bullion and circulation coins for the Australian public. Like most government-backed mints, Perth Mint is completely owned and operated by the Australian government.

It produces bullion bars, rounds, tokens, and circulation coins that rival that of many of the world’s top private mints.

Perth Mint Cast Silver Bars:

Perth Mint offers cast silver bars that place a focus on providing reliable, pure silver, high-quality bars without the premium price addition that minted bars and specialty bars. These bars are capable of being handled without depreciating in value. This helps make stacking and at-home storage easier due to the lack of a need for handling with the utmost care, and it allows for a cheaper entryway to investing in bullion.

Perth Mint's cast silver bars come in a variety of sizes, including the popular 1 kilogram and 100 ounce bars to larger bars, and all of them feature the same standard obverse design. The Perth Mint logo sits atop the obverse, while the silver label, weight, purity, and serial number are listed below. The reverse is left plain.

Perth Mint Minted Silver Bars

Perth Mint minted silver bars are more of a premium option on the silver market. These minted silver bars come in sizes as small as 1 ounce. The overall visual design is the same regardless of size, and all Perth Mint minted silver bars come in sealed packaging with a verified assay.

These silver bars feature an obverse with the Perth Mint logo and name, purity rating, weight, and the serial number of each bar.

However, there are specialty options available from the mint as well. Rather than a rather plain, yet high-polish obverse, the specialty bars feature artistic depictions similar to the various commemorative coins Perth Mint offers. One such specialty bar is the Australian Dragon bar which features a detailed Chinese dragon across the obverse of the bar with the identifying information on the reverse.

Buying VAT-Free Silver

VAT taxes are a huge frustration to most investors. Averaging around 20% within Europe, and they can make already costly transactions inaccessible due to overall price increases. However, there are ways to avoid VAT fees.

Suisse Gold, all of our European clients can enjoy VAT-free transactions on silver, palladium, and platinum purchases via our VAT-free bullion storage option located in Zurich, Switzerland.


Perth Mint silver bars make great additions to any portfolio. If you would like to purchase Perth Mint products, browse our selection at We accept 15 currencies; including BTC, CHF, SEK, EUR, and GDP. We also provide secure Swiss vault storage or secured deliveries per client request, and we offer VAT-free transactions via our storage service to all European clients purchasing silver, platinum, or palladium.

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