Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars

Buy the Royal Canadian Mint bullion bars in silver in 1 Ounce, 10 Ounce and 100 Ounce sizes. The Royal Canadian Mint silver maple leaf bars are very popular with silver investors looking to purchase silver bullion, due to their lower premiums. Royal Canadian Mint silver bars are available for worldwide delivery or for storage in Switzerland.

Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars

The Royal Canadian Mint is a rather unique mint in the grand scheme of things. It functions as a government mint crafting coins for circulation throughout Canada and on behalf of many other nations, but it’s not an official government entity. Instead, it functions much more closely to a private business, but with its main purpose being to serve the interests of the Canadian public. This means that, while the mint creates circulation coins for Canadians, it also operates as a for-profit business fueled by profit rather than tax dollars.

On top of circulation coins, the Royal Canadian Mint also mints bars, coins, tokens, rounds, and various other forms of bullion from various precious metals like any other private mint would.

RCM Cast Silver Bars (100-oz and 1-Kilo)

RCM’s most popular cast silver bars are its 100-oz and 1-kilo varieties. These bars are cast simply by pouring molten silver into molds and allowing the silver to cool. This results in fewer fine details, but it also prevents prices from being elevated to a premium to make up for the extra work associated with crafting more detail-oriented bars. However, they are 100% pure silver, and they have all the same qualities as any other fine silver for investment purposes.

Visually, these bars are identical. The Royal Canadian Mint name and logo are found on the top of the obverse side of the bar, and that is followed by the label "Silver", weight, purity rating, authenticity seal, and the serial number of the bar. The only difference is the size; as the 100-oz bar is obviously far larger and heavier than the 1-kg bar.

RCM Minted Silver Bars (10-Oz)

RCM also offers minted bars. These bars are crafted with higher attention to detail; thus, they have a more appealing appearance than the cast bars. However, these bars are not meant to be handled, and they can quickly depreciate in value if you remove them from their packaging.

RCM minted silver bars are most popular in their 10-oz variant. These feature the RCM name and logo at the top of the obverse side of the bar, and the standard identifying information follows that as usual. These are made from 999.0% fine silver, and the reverse side features a plain backing.

All minted silver RCM bars are shipped in protective packaging with an assay.

Why Invest in Silver?

Investing in gold has its obvious benefits. It holds wealth extremely well, and when the market plunges, anyone invested in gold will see their portfolio climb in value. So, why invest in silver?

It’s actually pretty simple.

Where gold tends to rise in price during bad times and stabilize during good times, silver does the opposite. By adding silver to your portfolio, you can ensure that your portfolio sees reliable growth at all times; not just when others are scrambling for precious metals.


If you would like to add premium Royal Canadian Mint silver bars to your stack, Suisse Gold has a number of purchasing options to make the transaction smooth and enjoyable. We accept 15 currencies; including BTC, USD, EUR, and GBP. We also offer secure Swiss vault storage, secure deliveries, and VAT-free transactions on silver, platinum, and palladium for all European residents.

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