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Buy UBS silver bullion bars in 100 gram and 1 KG sizes for secure vault storage or fast, worldwide delivery.

Few banking entities can rival the sheer size and global importance of the Switzerland-based UBS. UBS AG is a banking firm that provides a massive variety of banking services, fine bullion production and distribution, and various equity investment services.

UBS has had partnerships with some of Switzerland’s top refineries –as well as refineries around the world- to produce some of the finest bullion products available in a variety of precious metal options.

UBS Silver Bars: 100-Gram and 1-Kilogram

At Suisse Gold, we offer two of UBS’s silver bar options. These include the 100-gram and 1-kilo silver bars that are staples in the investment world.

The 100-gram silver bar is a minted silver bar made from 100 grams of pure, 999.0% fine silver. The obverse of the bar features the UBS name, the weight of the bar, purity rating, and seal of authenticity while the reverse is left plain. Each UBS 100-gram bar is finished with a high polish and comes packaged with an assay.

The 1-kilo bars differ from the 100-gram bars in ways other than just their larger size. First, these bars are cast instead of mint. This results in a less lustrous finish and less sharp detail work, but the bar is overall extremely attractive. Like the 100-gram bar, the 1-kilo bar is made from 999 fine silver, and the obverse features the UBS name, weight, purity rating, seal of authenticity, and its own individual serial number. These bars are shipped in a plastic slip package with an assay.

UBS Gold, Platinum, and Palladium

UBS doesn’t just offer silver. If you’re interested in creating a diverse portfolio, you can purchase UBS bullion in gold, platinum, and palladium options.

These are higher-value metals than silver, and they have a much steeper price per unit compared to silver. However, they also feature different market patterns that, when paired with each other, can keep your portfolio growing regardless of upswings or downswings in the market.

UBS offers these metal options in bars of various sizes, and many of them can be found right here at Suisse Gold with attractive purchasing options.

How to Invest in Silver

Investing in silver isn’t complex, and due to its relatively low cost, silver is far more accessible for beginner investors than gold, platinum, or palladium. Investing is as simple as purchasing bars or coins in the size you can afford, and then holding them until it’s an opportune time to sell.

With silver, the value tends to hold during downswings in the market, but it climbs considerably during bull rushes. Meaning that, once you’re ready to start liquidating the bars and rounds you’ve accumulated, it’s often best to wait for a bull rush to maximize your ROI.


Buying silver is made simple with Suisse Gold. We offer a wide variety of silver options from UBS and various other brands, and you can use 15 different currencies –including EUR, BTC, USD, and GBP- to complete your transaction.

We also offer secure Swiss vault storage or delivery, and all of our European clients can enjoy VAT-free transactions on silver, palladium, and platinum.

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