Valcambi Silver Bars

Buy Valcambi silver bullion bars including the Valcambi 1 KG silver bar, and the Valcambi 100 Gram Silver combi bars in 1 gram and 10 gram increments for secure vault storage and fast worldwide delivery.

Valcambi Silver Bars

Valcambi is a European refinery specializing in gold, silver, and other precious metals. It’s located in Balerna, Switzerland, but it’s part of a larger, multi-national, precious metals company comprised of several partial owners around the world.

What is the History of Valcambi?

Valcambi is a relatively young refinery that was founded in 1961. Originally, it held the name “Valori and Cambi”.

Valori and Cambi were co-founded by five young investors. However, they wouldn't maintain control of the precious metal refinery for long. Over the first five years, Valori and Cambi made strides towards building the refinery as a renowned brand, but following a 1967 name change to Valcambi, 50% of the company’s stake was purchased by the banking juggernaut Credit Suisse. This was then followed by subsequent stock purchases for 20% and then 30% in 1968 and 1980 respectively until Credit Suisse assumed 100% control of the refinery.

With Credit Suisse at the helm, Valcambi expanded its overall production into several forms of precious metals, including the fine silver bullion this brief overview focuses on, and international relationships were developed.

However, even Credit Suisse’s ownership of the refinery wasn’t permanent.

In 2003, Credit Suisse decided to sell Valcambi in a $400,000,000 transaction to European Gold Refineries SA. This part of the company’s business history is where ownership becomes complicated.

Despite maintaining the Valcambi name and being owned by European Gold Refineries, there is a chain of ownership leading up to several parent companies. First, European Gold Refineries is owned by Global Gold Refineries AG. In turn, Rajesh Singapore and Rajesh India own 95% and 5% respectively of Global Gold Refineries. In short, this long chain of ownership leaves the two Rajesh sister companies with full control of Valcambi via the larger firms that it directly owns.

This network of ownership with ties to far larger firms has provided Valcambi is new opportunities and propelled it to the success that sees today.

Valcambi Minted Silver Bars:

Valcambi’s minted silver bars are known globally for their pristine appearance and remarkable quality. Found in 1-oz, 100-gram, and multiple other sizes to appeal to all investors, Valcambi has a silver bullion option for you.

Regardless of size, all Valcambi minted bars sport the features that have grown to be standard across the industry, but with an extreme focus on crisp visuals and fine finishes.

To start, the obverse of a Valcambi minted silver bar contains the squared version of the Valcambi logo nestled into the top of the bar without the company name or any other distracting visuals. Beneath it, the weight, fine silver label, and 999,0 purity rating are listed in raised characters followed by the assay guarantee label and serial number stretched across the bottom. On the reverse of each minted silver bar, the Valcambi name is embossed across the length of the bar with a repeating square pattern centered with the Valcambi logo.

All of the details listed above are made with the utmost focus on creating sharp, clean, perfect lines that exceed most industry standards dramatically.

As far as quality goes, the bars are made from 999.0% pure fine silver, guaranteed by a Valcambi Suisse assay card, and come new in protective packaging.

Valcambi Cast Silver Bars:

Valcambi’s selection of cast silver bars offers a cost-effective, stackable, and handling-friendly alternative to the more precious and high-maintenance minted options detailed earlier. However, they do not sacrifice value or quality in the slightest.

First, Valcambi offers these cast silver bars in 1-oz, 10-oz, and 1-kilo varieties, among a few less popular options, to ensure there is an option available for investors of all kinds.

Valcambi’s line of cast bars does differ dramatically from its minted bars. First, the obverse contains the Valcambi Suisse name followed by a smaller version of the squared logo. Beneath that, the weight, “silver” label, and 999,0 purity rating are found followed by the seal of authenticity, and the serial number is stretched across the bottom. On the reverse, the bars are flat and free of visuals. This reduces the visual appeal of the bar, but it aids in stacking.

It is worth noting that, due to these bars being cast instead of meticulously crafted, the details are not as fine and sharp as they are on the minted bars.

Valcambi CombiBars:

Valcambi does have a rather unique option for silver investors known as its CombiBar line. CombiBars are essentially variants of Valcambi’s minted bars, but rather than being single bars, they’re produced in “break apart” sheets. For example, a 10x10 Valcambi silver CombiBar would be comprised of ten 10-gram bars attached in two rows of five. The small slits connecting the bars can be broken by hand to create individual 10-gram bars if you decide to sell a portion of the stack or simply want to separate the silver for storage reasons. This adds flexibility to your investment at the cost of requiring hands-on handling of the bars if you decide to take advantage of the feature.

Silver CombiBars are available in multiple sizes, but each one features the same per-bar features. The top of each bar's obverse has the Valcambi Suisse name paired with the squared logo, the "fine silver" label, the weight of the bar, 999,0 purity rating, authenticity seal, and serial number.

It’s worth noting that each bar portion of a CombiBar features the same high level of detail that the company’s normal minted bars do; just in a break-apart format with a slightly different visual on the obverse.

Other Products by Valcambi:

If you’re interested in purchasing more than silver from the Valcambi brand, you’re in luck. The refinery also offers minted, cast, and CombiBar bullion in a variety of other metals such as gold, palladium, and platinum. Beyond that, rounds are also a major seller for the company.

Why Buy Valcambi Bullion?

Valcambi bullion stands out as a high-quality bullion source due to a couple of factors. Namely, the attention to detail put into the company’s minted bullion is better than many of the top refineries in the world, and the finishes are immaculate. However, the addition of CombiBars makes larger investments more flexible. For example, you can purchase 100-gram bars from other companies, but Valcambi’s silver bars come in a 100-gram, or 10x10, CombiBar format that lets you split that 100-gram piece into 10 separate 10-gram pieces for partial selling or individual storage options.

Why Invest in Valcambi Silver?

Investing in Valcambi bullion, in general, is a good idea, but the company's silver is simply a great investment that adds a level of visual class to your stack. The meticulous craftsmanship of Valcambi’s minted silver bars is something to behold, and the overall stability and reasonable investment costs of silver make this a worthwhile investment for investors of all sizes.


Valcambi Silver bars can be purchased from SuisseGold.EU in more than 15 currencies; including popular options such as BTC, USD, GBP, and EUR. We’ll deliver your Valcambi bars with secure shipping, or at your request, we offer VAT-free storage in our secure Swiss vaults, and all palladium purchases have a buyback guarantee with favorable rates you’re sure to enjoy.

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